-working again

  • james goode

    Free magazine, really?

  • S

    🙁 Link says ‘No longer available.’

  • moomom

    :h5: thanks Chris!

  • Autumn

    Thanks a million

  • Mike

    link says reward no longer available

  • Rachael

    I just got mine @9:15am CST

  • Em

    I just got mine but it kinda confused me lol. It said:
    “A One Year Subscription to Parenting School Years.

    This terrific 2-year subscription……” :eek3:

  • ddiva

    expired :dunno:

  • cathy

    worked at 11:25. Thanks.

  • Matt

    Worked for me, 12:47 EST. Thanks!


    IT IS WORKING FINE NOW and offering other subscriptions as well-THANKS CHRIS!!

  • JC

    Swagbucks Code: Wee3Code

  • elizabeth

    Black n mild is giving free coasters as a promo…

  • thanks :h5: