-was posted last week, it’s working again

  • Kristina

    Darn, I live in Florida. 😥

  • Tymes13

    Gracias Chris For This 1 …. Hello, U Guys , I Hope We All Have A Great Day Today …

  • maureen

    dam-dam-dam oh well – just came back from aldis-they had a dozen roses for .99 so now my house looks like a florist shop on 5 bucks!there are flowers in every room OMG!

  • Jamie

    oh good.. and I’m sure it smells really pretty too!!

  • alek

    I can’t wait for the :mail: maybe we will get lots of mail because the holiday maybe more mail coming today!

  • leigh

    i need to check that out!! mmmm

  • leigh

    :wavey: :wavey:

  • Kristina

    me too. :noes:

  • leigh


  • :io: wish all states could ge this. lol

  • ish

    EXPIRED when i clicked on it.

  • Jennifer

    actually got mine in the mail yesterday! for some reason they sent me three?!?!? not complaining!

  • WellRipMeOff


    I tried to get the Free Foot Long they were advertising the other day. Had to complete 2 offers, and then four more to get this “FREE” sandwich. I did the first two and when it said I had to do four more, I backed out of it. But now I’ve got crap coming to my house that I don’t want and I have to *^%*&^*(&^*($ PAY to send it back!!!! 😡

    No more!! FREE means fill in your name and they send it! What a bunch of CRAP!!!!

  • that offer isnt legit and is not run by subway, its just a bunch of spammers looking to get money. was never posted here BTW