• Denise


  • katrina

    It doesnt say per household, or per address, so I just registered my whole family.

    THANKS! :h5:

  • Anita

    Got it! Thanks a lot! :wiggle:

  • rose

    what do we do after we register??? are we suppose to get an email, or something?

  • nope you’re all set 🙂

  • Kim

    Chris are there any other rules listed (that you know of?) besides those on the entry page? It seems you only have to be 13, just curious if both the hubby and I qualified to get one.

  • southernbellekathy

    Tyvm :h5:

  • anu

    Thanks !!

  • imjustagirl

    Kept getting error massage? Anybody?

  • cant find any other terms listed, they dont have anything clickable before or after you submit

  • just submitted and it went through for me

  • Rachael

    Worked for me @10:27 CST

  • Rachael

    I went ahead and got one for me and then clicked link again for husband. No probs.. can’t wait to try it!

  • imjustagirl

    I used roboform, form filler/ auto fill, which is not acceptable with this web master. Seen a lot of forms does this now, just to slow us down?

  • ec

    signed up earlier but forgot to say thanks. 🙂

  • Kellie


  • Katharine

    Got one for my Dad and I. Thanks! :bigthumb:

  • Ladysteeler


  • elizabeth


  • Garden Gal

    thanks. got one for me, friend Mary, Bob, and Bruce. I guess it is a coupon?