Text message: STEIN to 30364 on your cell phone. They’ll ask you for your information, then send you to this link: http://bit.ly/bbStein . Void in CA and TX

  • Spitt

    Costs money to text, there are 4 questions, which they make you repeat as though they didn’t get it, for each one. So 8 texts which will cost you to send the message, kind of like a 900/976 number.

  • Biggus Disqus

    Not if you have unlimited texting, as I do. Thanks Chris!

  • eruby

    They asked for my birthday in one text and my zip code in the next. The next text said to visit the same link as on freestufftimes. I have no smartphone so I clicked the freestufftimes link.
    I entered name address email phone (it said to use the same phone number as what I used to text. Birthday was in YYYYMMDD format which was differentthan the text.
    When I hit submit, it said ‘your profile has been updated’. I have not gotten any sort of confirmation email.
    The phone number to call for info is 844-298-1160 but when I called, after the message it said the mailbox was fill and I couldn’t leave a message for a call back with in 1 business day.

  • Josh

    Out of steins

  • Annie Onomyous

    I have free text but it kept telling me it didn’t understand my birthdate so I gave up. I would be interested in hearing if anyone gets this.

  • eruby

    Birthday was in YYYYMMDD format which was different than the text.