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  • Liz Rosalez

    I would be very happy to get this tool. tyvm

  • ec

    thanks. 🙂

  • Whenpiggizfly

    Just ordered mine, & it WAS FREE no s&h, no $, FREE!!!

  • thanx

    got it! thanx

  • A.Bundy

    got one, thanks. :wiggle:

  • jen

    I just ordered this one but still haven’t gotten the necklace/ear rings from before. It says it’s STILL processing from 09-17-2012! 🙁

  • Meagin

    :run: yay…this place always comes through. had a little trouble with the submit,but it went through…thanks

  • Mandy

    Jen, I was missing my necklace from a previous offer and I e-mailed them. They answered within a day and two days later, I had received the necklace. (Funnily enough, two days after *that,* I received a second one. I don’t know if that was the original, missing one or if they just accidentally sent out two to make up for it, but I was happy either way.) So contact them and tell them you’re missing stuff. They’ll make good.

  • Sandi

    Yeah, I wonder when we’ll get our gift for the review on bbb :fingersx:

  • T

    ordered this 2 times in the past and never came,maybe 3rd time is the charm….guess i’ll find out :fingersx:

  • AMY1

    :h5: That was quick! less the 30 seconds to complete. Thanks

  • Liz

    Sold out

  • nikki

    sold out 🙁

  • Lee

    Sold out……darn! 🙁

  • vaun

    sold out!

  • Cris

    SOLD OUT! :uh:

  • caroline

    I got mine two weeks ago. Its really sharp, and awesome. Used the saw edge to trim some Xmas tree branches. Cool.