• ama

    had it sent to my other email, but nothing yet. Thanks for the great site.

  • BillB

    Restaurants to select from is very limited in the Minneapolis area- might be better in yours.

    Keep the great links coming! :wiggle:

  • Cassie

    Has anyone received their e-mail yet? I sent it to myself as well. Just wondering how long it takes :]

  • kai

    😎 yup i went to redeem then inbox and got my confirmation number then picked my restaurant! :yum:

  • Jessica

    Not working 🙁 :dunno:

  • Ken

    Be sure to read the small print of any of the offers on Often times you have to spend an outrageous amount of money before your discount kicks in.

  • katrina

    trying to send myself the email and got this:
    Uncaught Exception: 504
    We’re sorry, there was a problem processing your request:

    504 Gateway Time-out

    The server didn’t respond in time.


  • Carol

    I believe this will be my fourth eyar doing this. Never had any problems receiveing or redeeming.

    Helps with Christmas presents costs.

  • Carol

    :yum: 🙂

    LAst eyar, you able to give up 20 a day then what you didn’t use each day you could doante back to the community and random mebers got a gc.

    It doesn’t say what the limit is this year.