Linksign up and you’ll get a $10 credit. Use coupon code: Modru10 at checkout to take another $10 off. Shipping is $6, but you can use your credit, so any item $14 and under is free. -Update- the $10 coupon is no longer working, but you can still get a $10 credit. -Update 2- Modnique decided not to ship any of the free orders, sorry about that :(

  • Garden Gal

    got in. grabbed a necklace.

    PILGRIM Skanderborg, Denmark Necklace Simulated Gems

    $10 modnique


    88% Off

    100% Sold!

    got an order #. hope these go thru and are not all cancelled. seems most things are in people’s carts, or sold out. fingers crossed. thanks for the tip.

  • Garden Gal

    ***** I just did a live chat. only 1 acct per household address may use that 10 credit and modru10 code. ****I did my order, did my mom’s order, same house, then did the chat. girl said doing more than 1 order per house on the refer a friend program will be considered fraud and one or both accts will or can be deactivated. so my order/mom order will probably not come and/or our accts will be cut off. just fyi. ****************

  • Garden Gal

    update. I am reading the site’s refer a friend section in FAQ. I think she meant this on the chat. I did not do a refer, with a link, or an email. person has to sign up via my personal link or email. then you get a $10 refer a friend credit. Chris, is the link for what you gave us the refer a friend? I do not think so…..

  • Garden Gal

    looks like there are 2 programs. refer a friend. uses a link or em to invite a friend. other/what you gave us Chris/ is the tell a friend program.

    same rules ********* Credit can be redeemed towards purchases at Credit expires
    90 days after issuance if unused. Credit can be voided if a member
    refers herself/himself or another member of the household.
    reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the
    tell-a-friend program with immediate effect and without prior notice.**************

  • Jill

    Yay I got a $7 shirt

  • Nancy Tomassi

    I got a hair band, thank you.

  • Jaen Stu

    sweet; I have a pair of earrings :)

  • Pilar

    Thank you! I got the Pilgrim Skanderborg, Denmark Necklace, everything else was just about sold out, can’t wait to get my necklace. :)

  • daisy

    its not taking coupon “Modru10″

  • s
  • Becca

    If someone can use my link, I’ll be grateful.

  • Becca
  • Winnie Romano

    Says invalid

  • x

    Modru10 didnt work i think they just want the credit

  • creativespeakers0


  • They Call Me Bosco

    Link is dead and don’t work. I have done sites like that before and they usually send a due to overwhelming response email we cannot fulfill the many request blah blah blah.

  • Marissa

    Got a nice necklace for $.99, so nearly free! Thanks! :)

  • Dana
  • George

    That is what you get .

  • Casie Kersey

    TY! There wasn’t much in stock when I got there but I did manage to snag a cute flower ring. :)

  • Charlieman
  • karen

    does this still work?

  • Nikki

    I wrote to the site and asked them to cancel my account.
    It seems to me that whoever posted this wanted the $10 credits from everyone that would sign up. I asked Modnique to look into that because this clearly was a scam. Hopefully whoever did that will have their account cancelled.

    That wasn’t cool, trying to use everybody that way.

  • rachael

    There canceling all orders unless you pay shipping. Just got an email from them.

  • debbie

    Ordered a week ago and they just sent me an email saying they had a glitch in their system and I wasnt supposed to get the shipping included and if I dont pay the shipping within 3 days they were going to cancel my order. That is bs!

  • valbus

    They are??

  • skullover

    This is such bull. First off the person who gave out the link was well played. They have prob received hundreds from the referral but we all scored too. Second, I just got an email today saying I can’t receive my order due to a glitch and I must pay shipping. They are trying to scam us out of money. Completely and totally irked off right now!!!

  • freestufftimes

    I posted the link so people could get a free item(s), unfortunately a lot of companies pull stuff like this and cancel orders after the fact instead of redeeming themselves. Sometimes these promotions work, sometimes they don’t. The only way for users to get get the $20 credit was to use my invite link, which is why I used my own. I didn’t end up earning a dime from it though, since modnique decided not to ship any of the items.