• steve

    sounds good, but on the info screen state input doesn’t work. :dunno: 😡

  • Katharine

    Got one, thanks! :bigthumb:

  • Tiffany

    the ‘state’ selection part resets the whole page so you have to start over again and don’t want to cooperate filling the form in. :uh:

  • lch

    Watch the video. Then sign up. Sounds good, thanks.

  • Jessica

    Sounds great , watched video and still the form clears when you select state. Im in the sate of confussssion

  • Denise

    Select state first then u see the form

  • steve

    still doesn’t work. 😡

  • Denise

    Worked for me it will take u to form after u select state first

  • ec

    thanks! 🙂

  • virginia

    Not working for me either

  • BP

    What an incredibly difficult form to work with! :uh:

  • Kat

    Thanks. I got one. I didnt even need to watch the video…Just took alittle bit of manipulating the form too!!

  • Garden Gal

    will not work. put in state first. then rest of info on form. says loading, then spits out state. tried filling in form and state last. submit loading, spits out state again. pass.

  • Stephenie