Free Starbucks Drink Delivered

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Feb 27 2:25 pm – select your city, and look for the “Free Starbucks On Demand” box(or other free promotions for your area). Add it to your cart, and create an account. Use promo code f26h at checkout and you should have more than enough delivery credit to get the free drink delivered with free delivery.

Free Pack of Xylitol Gum

Food Samples
Feb 24 10:48 am -their site is working slow at the moment, so if you get a blank page you’ll have to keep refreshing.

Free Fiber One Layered Chewy Bars Sample for Pillsbury Members

Food Samples
Feb 21 9:31 pm -If you’re a Pillsbury member click the unique link from your email newsletter to get it. These are going out randomly now, so some people will get it, and others won’t.

Free Q-CAN Plus Fermented Soy Nutritional Beverage Sample

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Feb 20 11:02 am -fill out the form to get a Free Q-CAN Plus Fermented Soy Nutritional Beverage Sample

Free Frozen Yogurt Delivered

Food Samples
Feb 14 2:25 pm Post this on twitter: tweet @TheMindyProject + 🍦 + #MindyOnHulu
Then got to your notifications here and click the link to get it. Valid in NYC, LA, and Chicago only.

Free stuff from –update-more samples are available today

Free Wine Delivered

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Feb 13 6:03 pm -post this on twitter: @TheMickFOX + #TheMick + 🍷 then go here to your notifications, click the link that they’ll tweet to you and fill out the form to get it. -Valid in Miami, Chicago, DC, San Diego, and San Francisco only.

Free Pure Leaf Tea Sample -MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA only

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Feb 2 2:13 pm -the first 5,000 MA, MD, NJ, NY, PA, or VA residents who fill out the form will get a Free Pure Leaf Tea Sample.

Free Snacks For College Students From Spoon

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Feb 1 1:45 pm -fill out the form, at some point they should send out a code that you can use here to get the box for free.

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