Free Hi-chew gum or shirt -EXPIRED

Aug 26 8:10 pm -register, then participate in the challenges to earn enough points.
The Konami code is: Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right B, A -enter this on your keyboard using the arrow keys and the letters b and a.
For the Fruit combo, go to the homepage and click green apple, mango, cherry in that order and you’ll get the points. -Update- they’re out of stock, hopefully they’ll restock items soon. I’ll update if they come back.

Free gifts from Pulstar for referring friends

Clothing/Jewelry, gifts
Aug 22 5:39 am

Link – get 5 friends to sign up for their contest to get a Pulstar Hat, 10 friends to get a Pulstar Fender Gripper, 25 to get a Set of Pulstar Plugs (up to 10), and 50+ friends to get a Pulstar Pit Crew Shirt

Free FIRE Student Network T-Shirt

Aug 12 1:47 pm -school name required

Free asbestos awareness wristband

Aug 10 9:27 pm -copy paste the link

Free Butterfly Bow Earrings

Aug 5 11:01 am -for new customers only

Free We are Big Beat t-shirt

Jul 29 9:26 pm -sign up and complete some tasks and you can spend your points on a free t-shirt

Free Socks from Sophos -for businesses

Jul 24 3:39 pm -job title and company name required. You have to sign up for a Sophos Cloud trial 

Free PSI Handcrafted Bracelet

Jul 15 11:27 am

Free Eye Owl Earrings

Jul 14 10:55 am -for new customers only

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