Login or register, then click here, click the purple circles around the house and make the pledges to get 40 points. Also, click the blanket on the bed and the sled to get 20 more points.

  • kitty


  • Jan

    Does the Daily Pledge button disappear after you login? I can’t find it after I get in.

  • sandy

    Swag code-WeekendMode until 9pm est

  • ec

    thanks! 🙂

  • karla

    the multi colored blanket for one hidden bonus points, and the sled for the other bonus points..so 60 all together.

  • karla


  • ProudMexicanWoman

    I looked to see what sort of rewards they had and was dissapointed do they ever offer anything besides discounts on their partner websites?

  • kay

    43 more points and I’m at a gift card! Thanks Chris. :fingersx: