-wings -chips -locator -UPDATE-many locations are refusing to take this coupon now, so ymmv

  • Chris
  • Cavzgirl23

    Thanks!! Will use these tomorrow…..going there to watch the Cavs game!!! :wiggle:

  • MyEmptyCanvas

    :io: to far from me…

  • Kristina


  • Nikki

    Sweet! Thanks! They’re wings are great! :h5:

  • jackie221

    :kekeke: think I’m going to watch the ufc fight there on the 18th

  • Alicia

    :io: hate buffalo wings

  • Art

    why do you even find it necessary to post that you dislike buffalo wings.

  • Alicia

    no reason just felt like it!

  • jacob

    someone find a new coupon just to fuck with them