-take the quizzes for all 4 courses to get them. Answers: Course 1 1) 500 2) 25,000 3) ALL Course 2 1) ALL 2) When following the link 3) Wait a few Course 3 1) True 2) ALL of the above 3) 14,000 Course 4 1)A NON-airline company 2)ALL 3)False
400 miles can get you free subscriptions to Allure, Coastal Living, Orange Coast, sunset, and This Old House . -there are a lot more if you wait for all 900  to show up.
You can also earn another 500 by linking with your delta skymiles account:

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  • krissyg89

    Thanks! That was super easy ^_^

  • kathisierra

    :h5: thanks , ordered This Old House magazine for Hubby.

  • Amanda

    Do the 500 miles for linking go on your Delta account?

  • kathisierra

    its your choice

  • Amanda

    hmmm it never asked me? maybe because I have no miles on my delta account :dunno:

  • kathisierra

    neither do I but it said transfer from skymiles to world perks or vis versa, just got an email from NW said 500 miles will be deposited 4 weeks after promo ends on april 15

  • D

    duh i cant find where to redeem the points???
    what link to go use?

  • D

    lol nevermind. i think i need a nap..

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    Sweet, thanks! :h5:

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    :wiggle: Thanks!

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  • MyEmptyCanvas

    :h5: Signed up and got this email :

    “Dear Xxxx:

    Thank you for your purchase of Allure through Northwest Airlines® Magazines for Miles program. This purchase used 400 WorldPerks® miles from account xxxxxxxxxxxx.

    Please allow 4 – 10 weeks for your first issue to arrive.”

  • beth

    thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much