Signups are open again for Amazon Mom, which gives you 3 free months of Amazon prime(free 2 day shipping). After you sign up make sure you follow these steps so they don’t subscribe you after 3 months: Go to Your Account, Click Manage Prime Membership, Click Do Not Upgrade, then click Turn-Off Auto Upgrade -If you’ve had prime or amazon mom before you can’t do this on an existing account.

  • Metztli

    the link ask for a credit card to charge the $39 to finish the sign up for Amazon Mom. :(

  • Jill

    “Upgrade Your Amazon Mom Membership – To take full advantage of Amazon Mom, join Amazon Prime for $79 a year.”

    I had it free before through Amazon Mom, does that mean that I can’t sign up again, or am i missing the link?

  • Chelli

    Said the same thing for me, asked for the $79. Ive never been part of it before though. :(

  • Jen

    I signed up. But when I got to my prime account all it says: Important Message
    Thank you for signing up for Amazon Prime. Your membership should be active in a few minutes. If you continue to receive this message, please contact Customer Service.
    Should I just wait awhile to try again and turn off the auto upgrade?

  • Kevin

    I was afraid to complete the membership as it said it would charge me $79. and I didn’t want to risk it without knowing more about it.

  • Chris

    You probably have to clear your cookies to see the 3 free months offer. I dont see it on my normal browser but when I clear cookies and click the link it shows up

  • Lisa

    For those of who did not sign up – GREAT JOB – I just checked my account for an unrelated reason and there was a charge for Amazon Prime of $79.00 !!!!! Holy Crap !!!

  • Chelli

    ouch! :( not cool. sorry to hear!

  • Lynn

    I’ve never had Amazon Prime or Amazon Mom before and it seemed to work fine. It says my trial membership is up on May 28th.
    However, when I checked my cc acct, they did charge me $1.00… ???

  • violet

    that’s just to verify that you have funds in your account. It’s an authorization, and will be refunded.

  • lisa

    yes, it’s mainly just to see that it’s a true credit card # or something like that..ina few days the $1.00 will be off of your card…many places do this, so now i know when i see $1 ..i know thta it will be dropped off ina few days.

  • lisa

    i have amazon prime through july 2012..if i sign up for this, will it add 3 months extra to my original prime membership? does anyone know? :dunno:
    that would be great if it did.

  • Chris

    no it’ll only work for new accounts

  • Lynn

    I was figuring/hoping it was something like that.

  • Anna Galanos

    They are no longer accepting new Amazon Mom memberships.

  • Joseph

    I do not see the link anymore…just a waiting list

  • Allison

    You didn’t do it the correct way then. It works fine if you actually pay attention to what you’re doing and don’t click something you shouldn’t…

  • Anna Galanos

    …Wow. :io:

  • Chris

    Contact amazon, they will refund that no problem. A lot of people have done stuff like that with them and had no issues getting it refunded.

  • Debi

    Charged my card $1 but thats not fair regardless if they are checking your card. I WANT TO KNOW FIRST! I’m gonna give a call anyway and have some words.

  • Lew

    They don’t give you the full Prime offerings. You just get free shipping and a percentage off diapers. You can’t use the movie streaming service unless you pay 79.00

  • Andy

    What do u think?

  • CheapO

    No you need to sign up with a new account, new email

    I just signed up doing this!

    Alternatively, you can also share your prime membership if you already have one with 4 other people! Love amazon!

  • SierraBreez

    Would this get the prime discount for kindle books?

  • Jen


  • Jen

    Are you stupid? You can only do it once.

  • Jen


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