-click vote, and vote to get 10 points. Then click the Share button to get 10 more points. You don’t have to actually share on twitter for them to show up.

  • Crystal Bellman

    Do the points go on after we watch n vote? Or do they send you code numbers to enter ourselves? Because I did this, but are not seeing points anywhere

  • Dawn

    same here… did it all and no points

  • Carol

    me either-I contacted Coke-their virtual assistant was clueless

  • elizabeth

    i don’t have twitter 🙁

  • V

    I got the points thanks :wavey: :wavey: :wavey:

  • Stephanie Evans

    I watched the video, but couldn’t see where to vote. Help, please :dunno:

  • Mandy

    You can do this even if you’ve already entered all your points for this week, since these are considered ‘Bonus’ points. Here’s how it worked for me:

    I logged into my Coke account and then clicked on the “Watch” button. A new tab opened with the video, so I switched over to it and clicked the ‘play’ icon. The video played and once it was finished, I clicked back over to the Coke tab and after a few seconds, a red popup box came up that said something like “Congratulations! You’ve earned 10 points.”

    I looked at my points, and sure enough, they had increased by 10. I closed out the popup and clicked on the “Vote” button. A new tab opened where you choose either Badlanders, Cowboys or Showgirls. Doesn’t matter what you choose, just pick one, then click back over to the Coke tab again. You don’t get points for this action, and I’m not even sure you need to do the “Vote,” but I did it just in case.

    Now, you need to click on the “Share” button. If you have a Twitter account, it’ll open a new tab with a pre-written tweet all ready to send out. You don’t have to send this. If you don’t have a Twitter account, I’m not sure what it’ll do (since I do have one), but either way, go back to the Coke tab and wait a few seconds and a red popup box will come up again, telling you you have earned 10 points.

    You now have 20 free points and can log out of your account. Tah-dah!

  • Ladysteeler

    My points shows up in about 5 minutes in my account. Make sure you are logged in your account.

  • felicia

    Got mine!!!! :h5:

  • Tatiana

    Thank you 🙂

  • Tiffany C.


  • Tessa

    Thanks Mandy!

    I cudnt have got it without ur exact explanation :h5:

  • diane

    thank you :fingersx:

  • EZ

    I got the 10 pts for watching & voting.
    I dont have a twitter acct, but I clicked on the 3rd item- share on twitter & it gave me another 10 pts just doing that!!!!

  • You don’t need it, just click share and they’ll show up

  • katrina

    This is exactly what I did too. Even tho chris said you dont have to share, once the twitter tab opened with the pre-written tweet, I just went ahead and shared it anyways.

    Thanks chris for the heads up on the 20 free points!!

  • Dawn

    Did everything I did this morning over again..and now I got the points… yay !

  • peekaboo

    This site is undergoing scheduled maintenance.
    Please come back soon! :uh:

  • Mandy

    You’re welcome! So many folks have helped me that I like to pay it forward when I can. :h5:

  • heather

    thats what I just got too. Guess ill check it later :hs: Thanks anyway Chris!

  • peekaboo

    works now! Thanks, Chris! :wavey:

  • Anita

    Couldn’t get it to work last nite but site is back up so got 20 pts. Thanks Chris! :wiggle:

  • Martha C

    Are you logged in when you watch it?

  • Killer B