-enter code: DMRPIN -thanks Kristin

  • bella

    :noes: Chris, your site looks all wonky in Chrome today… hope you’re just updating something?

  • It is blueish like the mobile version? I updated some caching software that I will probably have to tweak a bit this week, but I’m seeing the normal page when I look at it in chrome at the moment

  • southernbellekathy

    everything looks fine to me.Thanks

  • bella

    yeah it’s still showing me the mobile site, even after clearing cookies. When i click “switch to desktop site” it goes to blank.

  • Yeah it shouldnt be doing that, and it doesn’t ever do it in my chrome, but sometimes certain chrome users report this. I’ll try to find a solution by tonight, sorry about that. Thanks for letting me know though

  • Beth @ In Good Cents

    Thanks for sharing. Your site is looking odd to me as well. I see the gray lines were your right sidebar, content, and left sidebar should be, but they are all pushed to the right past the line.

  • bella

    Looks back to normal now, thanks!

  • katrina

    Awesome. Thanks Kristin for the code!! :h5:

  • KM

    Thank you for the code! :bigthumb: