-enter your email and hit enter and click the download button in the free box. You get 1 year of free unlimited backup for 1 computer, which normally costs $59.99

  • Joe Atwood

    Thank you!!!! :bowdown:

  • Jackie

    Just wrote a script to randomly generate .PNGs and upload them to the servers. Let’s see how long this unlimited backup lasts ;).

  • Lauren

    Thank you so much! DL’ed it and it’s not a scam 😀

  • Pat

    I have been wanting to try CrashPlan. What a perfect way to check it out.
    Thanks. 😀

  • lisa

    must be a carbonite customer so that you can switch to crashplan.

  • Zephyr

    Expires in 30 days. Not a year free.

  • where did it say that? I got a year :dunno: still shows as a year on that page for me too

  • it just has to be an email that has never had a crashplan account, they don’t do any kind of verification with carbonite or anything. I’m not sure how they’d be able to do that anyway

  • Jon Speicher

    I just entered my email where it says to if you’re a Carbonite customer, which I’m not, and it took it. Got it and it’s backing up as I type this. Mine says a year free. Thanks!!! :bigthumb:

  • nice, mine too :bigthumb:

  • Mandy

    It started out as estimating 3.5 days to back up my computer to their cloud; now it’s up to 11.5 days and it only has a tiny fraction uploaded after running all day without me touching the computer. I’m wondering, if it takes at least 12 days to upload my computer, would it take 12 days to download it again if my computer crashed? That’s forever when I need immediate access to my files!


    I installed and let it run for about 4+ hours and It Made SO Little progress on the ‘C’ drive (it ignored looking at the 2nd internal drive) that I gave up on it.

  • Sam

    Time remaining: 1.1 years

    So my free subscription will have been over for a month by the time it finishes uploading? LOL.