I got my 2 bowls from Pearl River Mail…so pretty!

by teenoo1978 - gifts
Oct 1 9:33 pm


I got picked to host a party!

by teenoo1978 - Other
Sep 10 9:51 pm

Congratulations… You are a Better Bake Sale House Party host!! This is the “I cant believe its not butter” party

IWG…I won Box Tops…LOL

by teenoo1978 - Contest Wins
Aug 6 1:59 pm


Splenda houseparty Package!

by teenoo1978 - Samples
Jul 8 3:55 pm

I got my Splenda houseparty package in…..Great stuff in it! There is stuff to make 15 gift bags and extras for me. It came with 16 recipe books, 16 stiring spoons, 16 boxs of granulated sugar, Lots of coupons, 15 gift bags and tissue. I also got a hard cover recipe book, measuring cups, measuring spoons, a large box of granulated sugar, 2 large boxs of individual packs of sugar, a large bag of brown sugar, and 3 boxs of different flavors for coffee

SPLENDA® Sweet Solutions House Party!!!

by teenoo1978 - Samples
Jun 25 2:37 pm

Well I got approved to host a house party for splenda…has anyone else ever gooten approved? What do I do? Should I wait until they send me material or am I suppose to take actions first in order to get things? Do they normally want proof that you really threw a “party”? I do plan on sharing with friends and family, but not sure that a splenda party would be exciting…LOL Any information you want to share is appreciated!

I got Viva la Familia from Pampers..but I need opinions! Please.

by teenoo1978 - Kits
Jun 10 2:22 pm

Ok so I got my package in today.  Both my sons are no longer wearing diapers. I have a very young neighbor (probably 18) that recently starting renting the house next to mine. She is real nice, I have talked to her a few times. She has one son that is almost 1 and just had another one a week ago. I was thinking of giving her the package. Ok since so many people had issues on here I am a little concerned if I should give her the package. She is a young Caucasian and she is married to an older Hispanic male. I don’t mind sharing my freebies, but would it seems strange to show up with a package that is written all in Spanish and say here you go I won this and you may need it more? Of course I would not say it like  that but I dont want them to take it that way. Does anyone have an opinion on what I should say or do? Thanks!


by teenoo1978 - Samples
May 4 1:51 pm

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian IWG
The Second Prize includes:
a Glow in the dark t-shirt (size: youth XL)!
You will receive your prize by mail within 6-8 weeks.

An Instant Win!!!!

by teenoo1978 - Contest Wins
Apr 21 11:21 am

Twice I won last night. Both times it said I won a $10 Gift card and I would be notified by email. I havent heard anything yet! :dunno:  I hope they dont forget about me. Does anyone know what kind of gift cards they give out? And how long it takes them to email you?

My freebies for today included a t-shirt!

by teenoo1978 - Samples
Apr 15 12:52 pm

http://infopoll.net/live/surveys/s32846.htm t-shirt
http://www.astroglide.com/FreeSample.asp astroglide
http://www.ebfarm.com/AboutUs/GrowYourOwnOr.. seeds
I  got a t-shirt from Xtreme auto body paint, some organic lettuce seeds, astroglide personal lubricant, Eating well with diabetes cook book, and TV Guide.

Preen gardening gloves and more!

by teenoo1978 - Samples
Apr 6 5:10 pm

I got some gardening gloves from Preen. Came with a note saying thank you for taking part in our online survey.
2 boxs of Oravive Tooth Revitalizing gel. One was artic fresh the other was citrus fresh.
Sample of Gain. Sample of Penetran Plus (says for muscle pain relief).
Cottonelle fresh wipes. A Go Red dress Pin. And a recipe book from Fleischmann’s Yeast, for making breads.