$5 Amazon Gift Card From Swagbucks

by strawberrieshk - Gift Cards/Certs
Jan 19 4:45 pm

From Swagbucks

From Swagbucks

I received it today and ordered it two days ago..They said it usually takes about 2 weeks to receive, so this is great for me! I’m halfway to getting another one in a few more days!! Thanks Chris!

World Peace Before 2021 Pin

by strawberrieshk - Pins
Apr 21 12:19 pm


umm, yeah, it’s a nice pin (made in Hawaii *woot woot!*) but it came in in a small envelope with lots of stamps (but it’s cool, ’cause I love stamps)….anyway, it was taped down to paper and a slip of a BenicarHCT Tablets paper…that’s only slightly weird but the weirdest thing is that there’s a precscription from some doctor on the back……..**sorry i couldnt get pics, my camera is screwing up!! yikes!*

Greenies Smart Biscuit

by strawberrieshk - Other
Jan 22 1:11 pm

All you have to do to receive this sample is fill out a few questions about your dog(s) and/or cat(s). In about about few weeks, they’ll send you 4 Greenies Smart Biscuits….4 Fresh Chip biscuits or 4 Double Green Chunk biscuits… Greenies is a dog snack maker that makes treats for your dog (and cats) that clean and freshen their teeth…With the sample, they also sent me a letter telling me if I Refer A Friend on their website, I can get $1 off for every 2 friends I refer…

                 This is a good sample and they send out different samples from time to time so stay tuned to that website!! The last sample I got they gave me a a sample of the dental chews WITH a really big coupon book!!

                                                    Greenies Smart Biscuit