Stride Gum

by Seth - Samples
Oct 19 5:30 pm

I got this from entering their rename the Non-stop mint thing.I named it Permamint,and since i had the same or similair name as a finalist they gave me this for free,with the name permamint.

2 Free Shirts

by Seth - Clothing
Oct 5 6:05 pm

I got my Molson beer shirt today and my college team My Coke Rewards special.

Bear Naked/Degree

by Seth - Samples
Sep 21 4:52 pm

I got the bear naked cereal sample (delicious) with a $1 off coupon,i dont know where to buy this stuff at though,and i recieved the Degree deodorant sample from BJ’s,with a $off a pack of 4

AlphaGeek Nation

by Seth - Samples
Sep 3 12:42 am

I got my 2 free shirts today,the fabric is a little thin but the shirts fit nice.
sorry i still am not able to post photos,but there are a ton on here already for the shirts

Fanny Pack

by Seth - Samples
Aug 4 12:04 am

Today,I received a fanny pack,its blue,3 pockets,it was filled with information on the medicine,it came with a tiny metal lock,3 keys,a box of cabinet and drawer latches and a bottle to put needles