Alex’s Lemonade Stand

by megan - Kits
Jun 12 12:53 am Package came with 2 coupons for Free Country Time Drink Mix Products, 2 banners & 5 balloons for the stand, several flyers to fill out and hang, several temporary tattoos, 10 bracelets, 2 t-shirts, stickers, misc. brochures, very nice hard cover book, Supporter donation lemons.


by megan - Samples
May 24 12:52 pm

Target:  6 Huggies wipes, 13 Buddies Bars, 2 J & J Lotions, 4 Purell, 4 Wet Ones, 1 Nexcare, 4 Playtex, 2 Tank Tops for my daughter … ALL FREE!  (After I got home, reviewing my receipt I discovered they didn’t ring up one of my Playtex FREE product coupons and 3 other $1.00 coupons.. called, talked to a manager, he went to the register, found the situation to be true and is mailing them back to me!) Walmart:  1 Kraft BBQ, 2 Huggies wipes, 4 Evercare Lint Rollers, 1 J &J Powder, 9 J & J Lotions … ALL FREE! Kohls:  4 tank tops for my daughter … ALL FREE!

Old Orchard

by megan - Coupons/In Store deals
May 24 12:27 pm

In my package I received:  (5) FREE Product coupons, (46)  .50/1 and (46) $1.00/2 ..
Old Orchard coupons


by megan - Samples
Mar 23 1:06 pm


by megan - Clothing, Coupons/In Store deals, gifts, Other, Samples
Mar 23 1:03 pm

I sent my BF to the Post Office yesterday to get what I thought was going to be 2 or 3 packages.. HA!  When he came home, he set 12 boxes on the table!  He thinks I am crazy for being addicted to this, but he loves nearly everything I’ve gotten!  This is everything I got:  Welcome Package from Lofthouse Cookies:  Tote Bag & $1 off Q, Warm Delights Minis, 2 Sensible Portions w/ Q, 2 Hooded Sweatshirts from AllState, 2 SKIL Power Wrenches, Kohl’s Bridal Registry: Knives & Cutting Board Set, & 2 Pantene Hairsprays.  Thanks Chris!

Thinsulate Gordini Gloves

by megan - Contest Wins
Mar 18 11:51 pm

UPS brought these last week…  I won the March 2009 contest!  YAY!  The letter says that they are a $50 value.  They are very nice.  This is my 1st win.

Johnson & Johnson Nurses Kit

by megan - Samples
Mar 18 11:10 pm

UPS brought this today.. included was a scrub top, brochures, VHS, DVDs, Coloring Books, Toothbrush, Band-aids, Splenda, Aveeno Baby packets, Pen.. It is a very nice package!!

Redkin for Men Kit

by megan - Samples
Mar 18 11:10 pm

Redkin for Men Kit