Mail Today

by mamaj11 - Samples
May 31 5:01 pm

I couldnt find the links to these, some of them were just freebies from around. The pic is of some rosaries, Nutro coupons, My Back to Nature Buzz Kit, some magnets red cross sent me for giving blood, 4mprint sent me post its and a pen, some horse treats that my dog really wanted so I gave them to him ( he is very big like a horse) hopefully thats ok. My cat was all over this. He insisted on being in the picture.

Mail stuff today

by mamaj11 - Samples
May 29 7:16 pm

Football from 4mprint, not sure why they overnighted it DHL the shipping must have cost much more than the 25 cent value of it, emergen-c, urban bird sunflower seeds and booklets, wakeboarding magazine ( 2nd one in a week:) )

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Car and driver/ Icy hot

by mamaj11 - Magazines, Samples
May 24 11:04 am

Sunkist stand

by mamaj11 - Kits
May 24 11:02 am


by mamaj11 - Samples
May 23 9:20 pm

These are the freebies I have from the last 2 weeks. Im sorry I dont know how to post to the links, Im still new. Whats is the pictures is: Alaway eye drops, dream catcher, seatles best coffee, starbucks coffee, dove deo, sunkist fruit wheels, hamburger helper, coffeemate creamer coupon- I turned it into coffeemate because it took me so long to post

Houseparty margaritaville

by mamaj11 - Other
May 23 8:31 pm

This is all the House Party stuff. I got most of it a couple weeks ago but a new box came today.