Free gifts from Bed Bath & Beyond for making a registry

by jojomojo - gifts
Mar 15 8:53 am

I got an awesome serving spoon! It is a metal one and weighs a ton. Very nice spoon. My camera is not working (I want my very old digi back) so I couldnt take a piture.

Just wanted to let you all know that these things are being sent out!

Free Arabian Horse booklet and DVD

by jojomojo - Other
Jan 12 10:50 pm

I got this today. I actually have a horse registered with that registry but didnt know about the freebies.

I would take a picture but I left my camera in the car and I am to lazy to go get it.

In fact I have a ton of freebies I have gotten!

$20 GC for Natural American Spirit cigarettes

by jojomojo - Other
Jan 3 2:58 pm

This was posted in July but it still works

You get 2 $10 coupons. You have to buy a pack and you get 2 free or $10 free. You can only use one coupon per visit.

Free carton of pall mall Cigarettes

by jojomojo - gifts
Jan 3 2:57 pm

My husband used these already but coupon came in the mail and it was taken to the store. Didnt have to pay anything.

Free Alzheimers Guide

by jojomojo - Other
Dec 12 10:26 pm


Unfortunately I need this for someone in the family :(

Free RA living kit with Quality of Life Monitor

by jojomojo - Other
Dec 12 10:24 pm

Sorry I am tired so I am not commenting much on my posts here


Free ASPCA Pet Safety Pack

by jojomojo - Other
Dec 12 10:23 pm


Came with a sticker (for windows) and a magnet with poison Control’s number for animals. Handy Dandy, Hope I never need it!

Free 8 day sample of digestive advantage

by jojomojo - Other
Dec 12 10:22 pm


Got two of them. The kids one is a 10 day supply! Also came with a $2 off Coupon

Free T-Shirt Iron-on Kit from Dove Self Esteem Fund

by jojomojo - Other
Dec 12 10:22 pm

Free sample of Nicorette Red

by jojomojo - Other
Dec 12 10:21 pm
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