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  • Bobb


  • Sharon

    Got it! :wiggle:

  • imjustagirl

    How come I ( and some other people) only have offers for cigarette coupons. Don’t see any sea salt? :uh:

  • Bobb

    This is the first time I’ve qualified for this offer…and a few dats ago I got the steak sauce…still no sunglasses…Kepp trying :fingersx:

  • Charlie Brown

    I got a bag of rocks !

  • Rachel

    Good grief Charlie Brown 🙁

  • Bamamom

    Whoo Hoo! Finally got it! Thanks, Chris! :fingersx:

  • Swagbucks code HeresSomeSwag

  • Mandy
  • fob


  • Bobb


  • Allison C.

    Got this today :h5:

    Didn’t qualify for either of the 2 earlier, but did get this one 🙂