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  • Livefreebies

    They are asking for my social security number….,.. NO THANKS !!!!! :kekeke:

  • Livefreebies


  • Scooter

    All of the tobacco companies ask for it. It’s so they can know for certain that you’re over 21.

  • Marissa

    All of the tobacco companies ask for personal info so that they aren’t breaking the law. Entirely up to you.

  • Payne


  • Chris

    yeah no way to avoid it, they give out some of the best freebies these days too

  • Denise


  • E

    Thanks :h5:

  • SupaJess

    Nice, tyvm.


  • Tammy

    I didnt have to give a ss#

  • anu

    can u please tell how? I never try for these freebies. It’s too much info.

  • Kearstin

    Yeah they do!! I have gotten so much stuff from the tobacco companies recently! Just got a cup with my initials on it yesterday! :D

  • Jan

    I happen to smoke L&M and have been using their website for several years. It’s perfectly safe to give them your personal info. If you are a smoker, they will send you a reminder email and you can login once a month for 2 $4 per carton coupons every month. They also have giveaways like these mugs and lighters and things all the time. This is Phillip Morris, by the way, maker of Marlboros.

  • Jan

    Please see my comment below. You are safe.

  • Denise


  • mochi

    thank you much. just signed up. i needed this too. :kekeke:

  • Tammy

    Not really that much info to give i have had to give more info on makeup freebies an what not ..mainly for this though all i had to do was birthday and name an addy an agree it never asked me for my ss#

  • chankagirl

    Thanks. I got it.

  • Garden Gal

    easy peasy thanks

  • Alexmom07

    I don’t know why people get so upset about the last 4 digits of their SS #…..nobody can do anything with that…I have been getting awesome stuff from tobacco companies for years now with no problem…

  • Jessica


  • sue

    :run: Yeah…its on its way! They have such good stuff !!! Thank You !!!

  • karla

    i didnt need a ss with l&m, but with black & mild, and marlbro i did. it took me a couple of years to sign up with one of these.

    i just didnt trust it…but i was missing out on all these great freebies!!!

    does anybody know what im supposed to do with the dart game on marlbro???

  • katrina

    Everytime I try to apply for these and the marlboro freebies, i try to enter their website by signing up and get told EVERYTIME that they can not confirm/validate my information!! WTH!! Im not lying about all my LEGAL information. Why cant I sign up?! I’m missing out on ALL these great freebies!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

  • Pam i Am

    that happened a long time ago with me and Marlboro…maybe from the fact that i moved a lot..but i called them and it only took a couple of minutes for me to validate who i was..

  • Dawn Baldwin

    I wamt to get free stuff but cant get into the register area.

  • Jan

    You might try doing your user name in all caps. Sometimes they do this. I haven’t had any problems with any of the Phillip Morris sites though. You can use the same login on all of them.

  • Jan

    Try using Firefox or Chrome. The older versions of IE don’t work well with the sites…they are way too interactive. You may have your privacy levels set too high, too. I’m sure it probably will not work with an IPad or a Mac.

  • patricia

    please send me a stainless steal coffee mug in the maIL

  • iz

    Mmm how to get stuff ..? does they send out of the US