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  • Nikki

    Got it, but not sure what the gift is. :uh: anyone know?

  • Tymes13

    People in a previous thread said it could be sunglasses..but you never know with Marlboro

  • VJ

    I can only hope they send me a cowboy..mmmmmm hahahahaa

  • garden gal

    got it. 8-10 wks. mystery gift. cool.

  • Setea

    It showed a pint glass for a second when I got mine. Not sure if that’s what it is though. :dunno:

  • Lisa R

    Still working :wiggle:

  • Amanda

    How do I check in? On facebook?

  • ebbie

    it is sunglasses tat is what it says in my orders and you go to then Had it in my offers

  • Tania Black

    Please send me an e-mail

  • raytoskes

    You mean aDallasCowboy