-it’s for Little league coaches, you get a 60 Quart Cooler and 48 Bottles of Gatorade

  • meagin

    all gone already wth

  • Kim

    Yay! Got one, thanks again Chris!

  • debbie

    already gone 🙁

  • Kthrow

    My husband is actually a little league coach I signed up it said they would send me a conformation email (haven’t gotten one yet). I tried to sign up for another coach and they were gone. Hope we get it!

  • Damien

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  • reynold

    can’t wait to get this even though I’m definitely not a coach. :fingersx:

  • freebielvr

    anyone get this yet? :noes:

  • Danna

    Is this a scam, I received a confirmation email stating it would be delivered in two to three weeks and we haven’t seen it yet? Anyone else actually receive the product?

  • aeh

    This is not a scam, I’ve seen the pics people have been posting on facebook of their orange gatorade cooler and 2 cases of gatorade. I’m sad I missed out on this one!

  • Tommy Henderson

    Oh Yea BABY! Just came, AWESOME Freebie. Just recieved the largest 64 qt Gatorade orange wheeled double lid cooler by RUBBERMAID and 2 24 ct cases of Gatorade beverages. Unbelieveable Never would expect the 2 cases of drinks , shipping is so expensive , maybe a coupon. and the cooler is HUGE!Hope everyone recieves theirs

  • Tommy Henderson

    YES!!! Came today on my birthday of all days, the biggest cooler they offer and two FULL CASES of GATORADE to stock it with WooHoo!!! :fingersx:

  • Megan

    Received the cooler today but no gatorades

  • Diana

    I signed up and got the email with the coupons. I haven’t received any other emails. How do I track it?

  • Danna

    You can go to their website and contact them, I did this. They told me there was a backup with processing and filling orders due to the overwhelming response. They said it will be all shipped out by the end of July, got another email today stating it will be here within ten business days. Good luck!

  • Diana

    I finally got an email today from ups (I am a my choice member), three packages will be delivered tomorrow 🙂 the first is 17 lbs and the other two are 21 lbs. thinking maybe those are the gatorades. Wasn’t expecting those since I got 8 coupons when I first signed up.