-join their club to get the coupon added to the All Star Club card. It’s valid for 1 month. –locator

  • Mandy

    I just signed up for this and it told me the free burger was only good for 14 days, not a month.

  • thats weird, the welcome email doesnt say that it expires on March 26 or 27 for you?

  • Mandy

    Okay, color me confused. The e-mail that I got did indeed say the reward was good for a full month. Man, they need to get their website and automatic e-mails together so they say the same thing. (And I need to stop doubting the illustrious Chris on dates. Sorry about that, Chris!)

  • :rofl: no I agree it was rather confusing, I just wanted to make sure they didn’t change it or something :h5: