-you have to answer questions about your thoughts on Big House Bourbon

  • Chrisn

    Thank you for completing our survey! If you chose a thank you gift, expect it to arrive at the address provided in 4 – 6 weeks. In the meantime – check out Big House Bourbon:

  • J R

    Got the same reply as Chrisn.

  • katrina

    :h5: Thanks….i’ll just add this to my shot glass collection. :rofl:

  • Eric


  • fee

    Why would they ask what kind of car do you drive? wierd.

  • AmyLK

    AWESOME! Thanks!

  • Katharine

    got one, thanks! :bigthumb:

  • Regina Long

    Can I still have a chance for the glasses?

  • Pilar

    Got one!

  • Sonia

    :uh: Quota reached.. :run: No more

    “Thank you for your interest in Big House Bourbon! We have reached the quota for our survey and are no longer collecting responses. Thank you!”

  • BillB

    Same message as the post above

  • Amber

    Got an email from them today, was sent a file of a digital wallpaper computer background as a “token of gratitude”. Maybe I missed the shot glass? Oh well.

  • Tatiana J

    Has anyone received the glass?