-if you’re one of their first 5,000 followers on Instagram you get a free bag of Ideal balance treats. They have 1,000 right now. -Update- if you followed them, make sure you go here and fill out the form

Don’t forget to follow Free Stuff Times on Instagram while you’re there!

  • mochi

    well, that cuts me out cause i dont own a smartphone. :(

  • kittymomma

    me too :’(

  • anu

    me too :wavey:

  • MoreGoodies

    So we just follow and that’s it- they’ll contact us or something?

  • Noah

    You could just make a online account without a smartphone. I don’t know if they will let you post photos on it but they will let you follow people i think.

  • katrina

    yea that was my question. i started following before it was even 2k followers (so did my husband with his acct) havent gotten any notifications and i’m not sure how they will even contact us…? :dunno: