• tim

    swag code: SummerLovin


    This takes me to a web page not found. Guess I was not meant to get religious

  • rose

    anyone ever order anything from LivingSocial website?

    I ordered a curling iron from them through this site when Chris had some 35.00 credit or something few weeks back. I put in my credit card info and they took money out of my bank account, and then I received some email from living social saying my voucher is ready to use with the code, so when I fill out my info to order the curling iron, its asking for my credit card info again. I am scared they will charge me again, I thought I put the code in to make it free.

    Can someone please email to me how living social works. and since they took money ouut of my bank account wwhich I am pissed about, I might as well get the damn curler sent to my house even if I dont want it. so what do i do. I dont want to put in my credit card info again and have them take money out again.

    any help?

  • lisa

    hmmm. if you have the voucher, there’s no need to add your credit card # since you’ve already paid for the voucher, unless the voucher is not enough for the total and then you have to pay extra? yes, that seems strange–you should just need your voucher code to order it. good luck!:)

  • shelly

    Wait, you had credit for this website but they still asked you for your credit card number and you gave it to them? Sorry if I’m asking a dumb question but why ask for your credit card if you have credit unless your credit didn’t cover the cost?

    I’ve never heard of Living Social before now but research shows them to be some type of Groupon-like program. I also came across some story of them closing one of their offices due to business losses after Amazon acquired them, hmm. I stay far, far away from any freebie requiring anything other than filling out a form or liking a Facebook page so I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re that worried about it, you could cancel your order and ask them for a refund of the amount withdrawn (but make sure they don’t bill your card any more and maybe warn your bank not to honor any more withdrawal requests from your account from them.)

    I would never put my credit card or financial information on any website for any freebie but that’s just me. You have absolutely no idea who’ll see it or what they’ll do with it. Good luck!

  • Mae Wallace

    Filled out form for Amazing Grace video– No CC information asked for!

    I use a prepaid giftcard for credit card info on sites. There is no money on it so I cannot be charged. Sometimes a fake number works as well as a made up expiration date. EX: 4111 1111 1111 1111 expire 12/14

  • lisa

    rose was talking about something on living social site asking for a credit crad #…not amazing grace dvd….
    hey good tip though about the fake numbers for sites asking for credit cards for free things.:)