-login or register, then click that link again or click menu and marlboro uncovered and click the gift link on the bottom right -thanks desi

  • Denise

    Please allow 10-12 weeks for your gift to be delivered. Thx

  • Spacecasegirl

    :bigthumb: Thanks Chris! Looks like they have some awesome prizes for this contest too! :fingersx:

  • Dan

    I went to Marlboro and I could not get the free flashlight / compass /match holder . Why ?

  • lisa

    said this promotion is no longer available?

  • ¥

    All gone!!!

  • e

    Thanks got mine

  • mark

    Still going just got mine…



  • Marissa

    Got my confirmation, thanks! 😀

  • ©

    Should put address on here.. Have to click link and get it that way..

  • Deb

    Got it! :bigthumb:

  • Jessica

    Got mine…1:06 pst.
    Thanks for the heads up!! :h5:

  • ¥

    Just for u!

  • Jeff

    I got mine and clicked the 4 links to unlock or uncover my other prizes and got all but 1. What do you have to click to uncover the prize and get your entry for the black (4th) one?

  • albertasanborn

    iam happy to recieve this free gift

  • Aaron

    :h5: :fingersx: Thanx a bunch!!

  • Tony

    I just got mine in the mail & man is it so nice. batteries & matches included. I’m hoping the compass will direct me in the right direction. Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy

  • Boo

    Yea right you didn’t get it that fast….. They just started it…..

  • Boo


  • david a mcnally

    I won one today maybe only so many a day

  • sherry nall

    i love the flashlight i hope i win one that would be great

  • raeellison

    how do i get my flashlight

  • Tammie Myers

    Thanks Marlboro,
    You offer the “Coolest Items”
    free, and I’m so glad that I am a part of it.

    Suggestion, if you haven’t signed up, “Whatcha waiting for”? I can’t wait for my 3 in 1 Flashlight-Compass and
    Match holder! Thanks Tammie

  • Tiffany

    :yum: free flashlight with added goodies (matches not important) just LOVE tangible freebies! :wiggle: hope more people get this one! I’m not a smoker but by force so I qualify. 😉 :naughty:

  • Francis

    husband love flashlights.