Click here -if that doesnt work use this Link – scroll through the images on that slideshow until you get a “get discount” link and click that.

  • Carol


    iPhone Wall Dock

    Purchased: 13,828 • Time left: 2 days

    select options

    Voucher for iPhone Wall Dock


    0 1 2 3 4 5 for me

    make this a gift print, email, or mail it

    0 1 2 3 4 5 as a gift

    The promo code you’ve used is not intended for this email:

    That’s the code they gave me when I signed up and it was automatically entered in the code box

  • does it say the same thing if you click the link through the MSN ford site?

  • Kristin

    I tried to do this, added something to my cart, but it doesn’t subtract anything 🙁

  • Kat

    It said since I wasn’t coming from MSN I wasn’t allowed to get the offer…!??

  • Carol

    I actually got a $30 credit and picked out something for $29, gave debit card/0 balance and got a confirmation that they would email me my voucher??

  • yeah there will be a voucher code in your LS account/email so you can order the cable through that other site

  • Carol

    yikes-I don’t know where all that came from-it was not there when I posted-any chance of just deleting that?-I posted again about the $30 credit

  • Kayley

    If you check the fine print, it doesn’t count for Shop deals, so make sure that’s not what you’re trying to purchase. That may be why it’s not deducting anything for some people.

    The offer worked for me. I got a massage for $3. :h5:

  • bella

    I think it worked for me, thanks! :bigthumb:

  • Charl

    It seems to give you 30 if you already have an established account and 10 if you just made an account. I think you would probably be able to get the offer for each IP address you have access to.

  • kat

    So it didnt work for me on my phone^^, but I tried again on the computer. Got the same message “Sorry the Fusion promotion is only valid for those coming from MSN” but then I just reclicked SHOP NOW button and it worked!! I got a snapfish photobook for free!! :bigthumb: 😀

    IDK it didnt want to work the first time, or on a mobile device. :dunno:

  • Carol

    haven’t gotten an email, so checked my LS acct and getting no purchase history and no vouchers found, although I got and printed out the purchase confirmation page

  • edyta

    says code expired?

  • Kay

    Didn’t work for the 30, and I have an account. Went thru the ford link and got 20 off a keyboard case for my iPad – for 9 bucks out of PayPal. Good ratings on amazon -for 49 dollars. I’m a happy camper! Thanks Chris! :wavey:

  • Ginger

    I already had an account and it gave me $30. It worked just fine for me. I got a set of ceramic kitchen knives for just the shipping.

  • katrina

    Me and my husband both only got $10 and we had established accounts (seperately). So I think the amounts are randomly given…

  • Khy

    That’s what I was trying to get/do. It didn’t give me any type of credit.

  • JD

    Yeah I’m getting code expired 🙁

  • kay

    Correction: 59 dollars. :bigthumb:

  • sasruto

    Same here. Perhaps this is what I did wrong:

    1. I tried clicking the first link first and received a $20 off discount – but I didn’t have an account.
    2. So I made an account and tried clicking the first link again to receive another $20 off discount. I tried the discount on a deal and it said that the promo code was applied automatically. I didn’t know what promo code it was, so I cancelled my purchase.
    3. I clicked the second link and went through the slideshow and clicked the link on the last slide. It gave me a $30 off discount with my account logged in.
    4. I tried the discount on a deal again, and it says that the promo code has expired. Perhaps when you use it and want to cancel your order, you can’t use it again even though it’s a different discount?

  • Mandy

    Do be aware that no matter WHAT you buy with your credit, there will a shipping charge added on when you go to redeem it. The charge depends upon the company you’re redeeming the voucher with. So this is NOT free, just greatly reduced.

  • kolpin

    I ordered a restaurant voucher using the $20 off code, and got the message: “Your purchase is still being processed. We’ll send you an email letting you know when it has completed.”

    I haven’t gotten an email yet, but hopefully it’s just because the site is just getting slammed

  • bella

    unless you use it on a food or service voucher… of course you’d still have to tip.

  • Charl

    This is how it always is, I think. Just like Groupon, most vouchers are not available until the next day.

  • Donna H.

    My daughter got $30, and I got $20, but both of us got the message that the code had expired when we attempted to check out. Guess they must have given you 7 minutes instead of 7 days to redeem.

  • Kathy

    Tried ordering through the link but never got a code. Didn’t say expired either. Somehow when changing the quantity it processed the order as if I bought it with NO credit. I immediately e-mailed explaining error and Living Social told me it was too late to cancel!! I am dealing with the actual fullfiller now trying to get this either cancelled or get the $30 credit it promised.

  • Lrae17

    I got $20 too, but also said it was expired when I checked out. How can that be when they said it would be automatically applied when ordering within the next 7 days?

  • Lillian D.

    I got the same message for my $30. I thought it wasnt working because I was trying to shop from my phone. But then i tried getting on my computer to do it and it still said “code expired”. I tried my cousin’s $10 code and it said that the code was not intended for my account. So I know it recognizes who gets what discount but thats a little pointless since it doesnt work at all. 😡

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