Weekly Code Words:
12/2 – #BanditCar
12/9 – #FastNWow
12/16 -#BanditAssistant
12/23 – #ClassicCarGiveaway
On or about January 7, 2014, the Promotion Administrator, an independent judging organization, will conduct a random drawing from among all eligible entries received to award one (1) Grand Prize: a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am Gas Monkey Special Edition featuring an Oldsmobile 403 cubic inch small block V-8 engine coupled with a 700 R4 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission. Other features include 17-inch Gold Snowflake replica wheels, Nitto 555 Drag Radial tires, and Wilwood 13-inch disc brakes. The vehicle is valued at approximately $100,000. The winner will also receive a $40,000 cash award (payable to winner in the form of a check). The purpose of the cash award is to provide the winner with funds that he/she may apply towards the payment of any income tax liabilities, sales tax, and registration fees he/she may incur as a result of winning the vehicle prize, or for any other purpose he/she wishes. Total approximate retail value of Grand Prize is $140,000.

Dec 2 9:42 pm
  • don hix

    I ( we) love the fast and loud show my husband & son got me to ware I have to watch it every we.I do enjoy it. Espeaclly when sue


    Thats my dream car :love:

  • Michael Monday

    Fast & Loud is my favorite show on TV. I watch every week!

  • Scott Bailey

    This show is awesome

  • jim nitz

    Best fucking show on tv hands down !!!you guys ROCK!!!
    How’s that “RICHARD ROCKS” I think you need a bad ass electrician that is certified and a certified welder also call me 602-552-0699. I do some bad ass stuff just like you guys . I expect to here that phone ring !!

  • kapono bergau

    Fast n loud is the best show on TV I live Hawaii and am just like u am working on my 97 civic Honda and watching your show keep me going I hope one day I can meet u the car I would love to get around the island work and back and take my kid to school ever Monday new episode in the island I don’t hear anybody talking about fast n loud but me …………….best show ever to me in the island …………………….

  • Harley Hooker

    Iv been wanting a bandit trans am every since i was 4. i have every move n have watched each one 1000000s of times. id love to win it but doubt i will. i could use the car and the money. My parents say i should get a 4cyl 4 door hatchback wagon. i dont think so. i like my v8s n dont mind the fuel milage as long as i get to blow the doors off the hybrid cars. id car more for the car than the truck i want but dont have at the moment. id rather win this than the lottery.

  • kapono bergau

    If I could have a phone call from Richard make my fucking day 808-896-8254

  • Eddie Nicodemus

    Fast n Load Dallas tx Richard and Arron doing there thing thanks

  • Shaveitt

    I’ve heard if jim nitz from people I know… all I’ve heard was great stuff- electrical wizard. haven’t heard about the welding, but the electrical… he’s damn good.

  • troll

    lmao…as if anyone from the show will ever read the comments on this site…

  • David

    Hi, Guys
    Love the show and watch it every week when its on.
    I would love to see you do a recreation 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Vanishing Point car.MOPAR fans would love it!!!!!!. Keep up the good team work

  • 1BadAss79

    Aweseum show, what religiously, cant wait for the next, watcjed smokey and the bandit, as much as KC, couldnt afford the a real 77′ so settled on a 79′, would give up my pride and joy to charity of your choice, for a bandit car!!!! Keep on building, burnouts, and beers—-Steve

  • anthony j gutierrez

    its me the guy that speends my time watching every move you guys make. I love all gas monkeys,for their awsome hard work. It all pays off!! I will love to win a nice car anytime.

  • charles d.pond III

    its time for a modern day bandit if i win ill get the beer n party started.

  • joe papale

    To Richard and all the guys at gas monkey first I would like to say I love the show guys keep it up, man, your show makes my week watching you guys, reminds me of the old days. I was, and still am a trans am guy I still have my trans am its a 75. But as you might have it I got married and the car sat unfinished for many years. Then a great thing happened I got divorced and finished the car for the first time, but later on, to my demise, me being who I am and owning a pick up truck and when u have that you have a lot of friends that ask you for favors, right don’t u have a pick up so you should know what I am talking about. Me always helping out a friend was struck down and had a change of life at the age of 37 that put me in a wheel chair. Its been 15 years and my car has been sitting on jack stands I had some friends help get my car back on the road and wheel chair excess able but I hate driving an automatic. So I researched the internet found this thing called gear venders with paddle shifters, the paddle shifters would make it easier for me to drive due to my situation and shift like a standard but unfortunately just like everything else I had to stop messing around with my car due to finances I can not afford to put any more money into the car due to financial problems. I don’t want to sell it because I have so much of my life into it, not to mention man hours and I know I could never build another one. In order to get any of the money that I put into the car I might have to piece it out or sell it, I say this because the offers for the car I got was a joke and I rather be buried in it then sell it for what I was offered. I hate people trying to put the squeeze on me so they can benefit. The worst part is I might loose my home. This is the reason why I am entering this giveaway I really love the show, and it does more for me then entertain me, it brings me back to a much better time in my life when I was a gear head and not a broken man. I haven’t talked about this with any one not even my own family I guess it is because I feel close to you guys since Mondays I bring you into my home to watch and I feel like I know you all. I sure would love to get behind a car that you guys built a gas monkey monster that would make my millennium. Hey thanks for letting me vent I don’t know why like I said probably because I feel closer to you guys then you think. I would so love to get my hands dirty with car gook again. Thank you for your show and thank you for taking my mind off of things one day of the week. Remember this guys don’t ever take anything for granted in life and enjoy life as though it were your last day. Sincerely, car nut, Joe Papale

  • Richie

    I would love to have that car!! Do some serious doughnuts and get crazy!!!..just once!!.. lol..I would show that car OFF!!!. Hell yeah..I need the code word from lastnight who knows it??

  • Lynn W. Grubb

    Always loved this car, loved the Bandit movies, love your show for promoting the car. What your doing with the car looks great, sounds great.

  • David Stone II

    Love the show watch it every week!!Would love to win car have liked them since I was a kid & watched SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT!!!

  • victor gunnoe

    :uh: bandit car love it

  • w.baker

    love the show,would like to see a 1970-1972 chevy shortbed restored

  • Bruce C Bishop

    Would like to know how to enter the contest for the 77′ Trans Am. That is one beautiful car.

    Thanks, Bruce

  • Larry d walls

    i have a ford Bronco 1982
    that i would like for you to see if you might be interested in buying its 4-wheel drive and it works good
    and has a 351 cleavand high perfomance need it ran good but the fuel pump quite working and it needs a little tlc

  • yea


  • Rich

    Wow #Bandit Car

  • Rich


  • Carlos Berber

    :bigthumb: Love what ya’ll did with that ’60 Belair. Also great job on the Biker build of. Loved that. :bigthumb:

  • Kelly

    :bigthumb: FastNLoud show is watched in our HOME, all the time we even have shows recorded. In December 31 1980 MY HUSBANDPurchased this very same car, but in white. I would LOVE TO BE ABLE TO GIVE THIS CAR, to him for our ANNIVERSARY.

  • keith kingsbury

    I watch your show all the time! I am a true grease/gas monkey. I am a huge fan of Smokey and the Bandit. It would be a dream come true to win this kick ass car!

    Thank you

  • zac barnes

    Fast n loud is the best show ever and im just about to get my licence this car would complete me

  • stephen barnes

    I wanna win that trans am burt reynolds i wanna win this car i have fixed up cars and made some really cool hot rods and someone recked my last hot rod im a 67 year old kid keeping my dreams coming let me win that car

  • Jeff A

    If I win this car I will be snorting tequila at the bar and doing my own dance. Great show, great contest.

  • Jerry Huebner

    Love fast and loud great show and a killer trans am. I love the Trans Am Pick me please

  • Ronnie Thurman

    I want a bandit car

  • Rodolfo Castaneda

    Fast N Loud is an awsome show, and that’s a hell of a car

  • Edward Davis

    This is the best car show on tv these days. I used to love the show where they fake robbed the car and gave it back in a week completely restored by Chip Foose! But, Chip no longer is on the air here and your show is more comedic…lol

  • Eric herrera

    Love the show. Wish I could get a car from there

  • John Arvay

    I used to own a 1978 black t-top trans am….sold it to my brother when my children came along, owned the car for almost 20 years. He let it rot in his drive way. That was my baby when she was beautiful. I miss that car. If I could go back in time it would still be mine…my favorite car of all time.

  • randy null

    I like what u guys do on the show I would like to see u built a 50 ford f1 on your show that way I can get some ideas about how to built mine I would love to have a chance to drive a bad ass car like the trans am . if I have a wish for Christmas it would be to be your beer assistance I would never let u guys go thirsty :bowdown: :bowdown:

  • tommy “hollywood” hollingsworth

    i love the show -watch reruns all the time-every body is crazy wish i was there.keep it to the pedal guys

  • tommy “hollywood” hollingsworth

    i meant keep it to the floor you know what i mean

  • Connie Mcfarland

    Love your show

  • juan alcorta

    😎 i watch your show all the time would love to win this car for my wife joannie who loves smokey and the bandit it would be a dream car for her

  • joann perez

    :io: i watch your show with my husband and i adore all the cars you restore like brand new i love to watch smokey and the bandit sometimes two or three times if it shows over and over i would use the car on the weekends and go for a slow drive out in the country with the t-tops off listening to some 80s music

  • juan alcorta

    😎 i love to watch your shows every week you have some of the most amazing cars when i was young and stupid i own a 1970 chevelle and sold it i regret that day if i win this car it would be for my wife joannie because she loves to watch the movies all the time of smokey and the bandit i can,t change the channel

  • James patterson

    :wiggle: love the show :h5:

  • jason b

    kickass show

  • Cory wallace

    I love the show I try to never miss an episode. It is the best automotive show there is now I can’t wait to see what’s next with the smoky and the bandit T/A

  • mike Joyce

    Love the show and the cool cars they need to trick my 71 mercury cougar from high school Tranz Am would be cool to had a couple of them back in the day keep up the great job on the show

  • bobbie cowan

    my wife I like the show as we are out of the fifty you see we married in 57 and always thought we would buy a collect car but never could afford one and 74 now there is not much if a chance have one have anice day and good luck with your show we never miss it

  • william

    oh my God that was and is my dream car I too baught myself a 78 thansam i love this car but i regretfully had to sell my baby when I met my now wife she was a single mother of two that car had to be sold to get our first apartment I still to this day 20 years later still look at the pics of it

  • tcmorr

    :bowdown: im ole im gray n i knozzzz what dat 77 all bout

  • Todd duesler

    Nice car

  • earl watterson

    me and my husband watch your show ever night you guys do a very good job we love your show :kiss:

  • theresaforrest

    😎 this show is the best show on tv…. gonna take ,my vactaion next year to dallas 😎 hopr to meet the crew of gas monkey….

  • Misty cooper

    Omg would love to win this for my soon to be husband . He works so hard for a family that isn’t even his. He is a truck driver that is gone more than 311 days a year away from home. Would love to show him how much he means to us

  • Aaron

    Love the show and the cars we watch it every week the 77ta is a bad ass car and would be amazing to have

  • Gary Sims Jr

    I love this show I watch every show yall have came out with I’m a hot rod fan myself I love to work on cars trucks ect. Thanks for the chance to win…

  • jack

    Always wanted this car watch show every week love GASMONKEY

  • Shawn

    Love the show!!! Cars are my life I haul cars for a living and buy and sell all over united states I’m small time but enjoy my life with cars.. Never had a bandit car But someday… the show is awesome.!!!!!! Hope to meet them someday in pperson

  • Chaz Stebbins

    I love the show!! It may sound weird, but I can’t wait for Monday’s

  • shannon

    I cant believe they pulled this off. What a car what a show. Miller lite was the icing on the cake

  • mike fonville

    luv the show still watch smokey an the bandit thks guys also for the biker build off

  • Fernando

    Dream car, love it…!!!!!

  • robert miller

    Well everybody I hate to tell you but I have complete confidence the Trans Am will be mine I’m a big fast n loud fan and a huge .. Burt Reynolds fan as well the Trans Am will be mine

  • Eva Terrazas

    I watch part 1&2 of the 77 Trans am. OMG
    When I met my husband he had a 1975 Trans am.
    I end up wrecking it . And to this day I haven’t heard the end of it. This would get the monkey off my back. I told him if I EVER won the lottery I would get him a new one. This would make my life and his too!!!
    Eva Terrazas

  • David Dahlin

    This show rocks!!!!!! I record and re-watch the show until the next episode comes on!!! Buy far the Bandit car is my favorite episode, I feel at home well I am home watching it!!!! I’m a fabicater by trade and mechanic on the side for ranchers and farmers in the area and most what I like is you go the extra mile to make thimgs right NO shortcuts and to me that is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Keep up the excellent work!!!!!!!!! Dave

  • Dennis Bliss

    I would love the Bandit Car I watch Fast & Loud every week ! I even loved Smokey & the Bandit with Burt & Sally ! Richard you are a cool Dude !

  • Dennis Bliss


  • Carlot

    There’s not much left to comment about. Everything has pretty much been said. Keep up the good work guys. See you on the tube.

  • Thomas Smith

    I would live to have that car growing everyone wanted to drive up to school with one i built a lot of cars in my life time but the trans am i.never did but i will one day

  • Chris Davey

    As a kid growing up in the early 80’s we all wanted to be the bandit! Awesome show Fast & Loud!

  • rogersullivan

    bought one new in 1969 was suppose to have a 400 .my wife drove it hone i couldent get her to git on it .I had a busted sholder from a motercyclr wreck.When i got to drive it i found out someone put a 305 in itwouldent even burn the tires.The car dealership ruined me.I saved and save to buy that car gold in color.Then my son turned around a totaled it.I never got over it.Tell sue i would love to come and work for her i upholster cars too roger sullivan

  • Robert

    gas monkey you did the food you hooked my 77 Trans Am that’s . something I couldn’t do I tried for 3 yr old someone stole my baby 5 times so I gave then someone jacked me for my car gas monkey garage keep up the good work I watched yall chance I get I’m a dialysis watching y’all now

  • Donnie Martin

    u guys r frickin cool !!!

  • Ken Madison

    fast n loud is the badest show & so is the 77 TA

  • Angela

    I absolutely love this show . I watch every chance I can. I have always been a car lover ever since i was little . Hot , fast old cars are my favorite. I love the classics. This show is definitely one of my favorites to watch . Thanks for the laughs and to see all those wonderful cars you find and restore . You bring history back to life . Thanks .

  • Robert Jakiciv

    Back in 1983 when I had money I try to buy a 1972 455 HO trans am with 18,000. The guy said he already committed on a sale of$4700 so I try to pull a Richard and offer $9,500 cash. The guy refuse, I was piss. I always wanted a Transfer Am but now I am marry with a kid and don’t have the money to spend so now I have a chance to win my dream car.

  • Bernice Druin

    would be proud to win and drive the Bandit car. would take good care of it and i need a car. but the bandit would be awsome. thank you and Merry Christmas
    Sha’La [Bernice]

  • Michael A. DeRemer

    I once thought Wheeler Dealers brought cars bask to life…You are truly magicians. It is sooo cool for your team to bring bask the cars I drove and wanted in my younger years. Thanks…You are the best.

  • Jimmy

    Love the. TA. I have a 79 that was striped down for a rebuild. The same car I drove as a teen. Traded my friend who owned a body shop a house build at cost for the restoration of my car. I turned his 80k rancher into a 500k home for 190k. He striped my car then his shop went belly up. My car has been sitting under a cover in his yard for the past 5 yrs. my only wish is to have it done before my son graduates high school so he can sport as I did. We watched the show together and we have talked about nothing but the TA ever since. Thanks guys, bringing back the memories. And love Burt!!

  • Michael A. DeRemer

    I once thought Wheeler Dealers brought cars back to life… you and your team are truly magicians. I watch each week as the cars I drove and wanted are displayed in their finest shape. Thanks…You are the best.

  • Michael A. DeRemer


  • Michael A. DeRemer
  • best car show on tv. love it


  • paul muller

    gotta love the show, never know whats coming up next.turn a plain levi girl into a drag stripper. they also do it with class . nice job guys…….paul hurley ny

  • pappy

    Love the show, love the car, keep it coming.

  • Leo Thielke

    Coolest show, couple of good guys…drop me a note, Lee…Bandit car a Breeze, too!

  • carleen wages

    bandit car….cool looking forward to driving it..

  • randy

    What’s the code?

  • eric sliva

    it would be a great 49th birthday present for me since the drawing is on my birthday….who knows maybe I can get Richard to by some of my old vehicles to rebuild on his show…like a 67 ss convertible impala and a 59 bel aire for starters…..

  • James Robert Brian Crain

    I enjoy your show. Makes me want to fix my old 78 corvette its sad needs help. I became disabled before I found the time and money to tackle it. Now looks like its not possible. But watching your show sure makes me wish. If I win the Bandit car I will donate the corvette for one of your future builds lol. Back in the day would have enjoyed being on the gas monkey team.December 10, 2013.

  • brian gray

    Richard I gotta have this car! Brother smokey and the bandit is my favorite movie! and G/M is my favorite tv show! I luv motorcycles and cars I ride daily! And luv beer as much as ya all do maybe more lol! But due to a horrible back injury I’m un able to buy one and redo my self. Getting that car would make my dreams come true brother! I have a Az carno rust 65 chevy nova 2 door that I would luv to have u guys redo are sell are trade its just got a lil dust on it all original matching #s hit me up brother we can go for a beer in Az Brian! Ps fred should have won the build off!



  • Jason Morris

    Can’t believe you guys are giving such an awesome car away.Sure going to make someone happy.If I won something like that,it would go to my son for his sixteenth birthday,how awesome would that be at sixteen.He is a really good kid and would well deserve it.I remember driving one years ago from a car lot test driving it,bringing it down the highway and it felt like my feet was on fire,from that big old 6.6L son bitch…good luck everybody and if I win thanks gas monkey..

  • Darrell Kilburn

    I think Smokey and the Bandit was the best movie made, and I love the car. I watch Fast and Loud every week!!!!

  • Darrell KIlburn

    Best show ever made Smokey and Bandit!!!!! Watch Fast and Loud every week, I love the car!!!

  • Jo Anna R. Johnston (Mrs.)

    I love the show, it’s without a doubt, the best darn “car show” anywhere currently on Television. I started watching because I got such a hoot out of watching Richard haggle for the sale prices on the cars he restores or resells. He knows his stuff and it takes patience and knowledge to stay up on current pricing on older cars. You have to stay up on what is available and what people are willing to buy..I recently sold a 1977 Ford Fairlane Pickup for next to nothing because I was still mourning the premature death of my husband of 40 years We were each others love of our lives. I’ll tell one fun story..When my youngest son turned 16 he told his Dad that he only wanted a Trans Am, Or a Porsche..We couldn’t afford the car insurance on a 16 year old driving a big motored TransAm so my husband, Jack, found a 6 cylinder motor, he managed an Oldsmobile Dealership in Dallas and he had a cracker jack painter who did a great job painting the car a beautiful royal blue (a special trans am color I think) I can only remember ever seeing 6 colors for the Trans Am, That forest green, gold fleck blue, red and black and white with gold trim (very few of those)…I’m older and I just recently paid off my house which is a very small house and what I want/need to do is sell my house and move into an apartment or condo. I need double knee replacement early in the new year and possibly one other surgery…I don’t know WHY you are giving this 77 Trans Am away but I really, really would love to have it…It would help me in so many ways…I enjoy every show and I watch them all. Make an old woman happy and let me win this car, which by the way I think you did a great job of restoring..



  • Kathleen Morgan

    My husband wrote you a letter a long time ago about his dream car and you guys never wrote him back os we quit watching you. Because your just like everybody money and greed. #FASTNWOW #BANDITCAR

  • Joe Morgan

    I quit watching you guys because I wrote you about my dream car you never got back with me. The one show I like was the black Mustag it was a nice car. But that guy with no insurance hit it.That happened to use with are car we got rear ended at a stop light 2 times. The hole side of the car rapped off all in 1 month. All 3 of them didnt have insurance.#BANITCAR #FASTNWOW

  • john goodno

    Merry Chirstmas,love the show.great verity of bought ,sold and,I need to win this ride.I’m gonna give my son a kidney soon and he’ll be able to drive to give him that T/A and say get you some of that! good luck to all of you envoled in show.#BanditCar#FastNWow

  • Jeff Weneck

    I love Smokey and the Bandit. Burt Reynolds is my hero! When me and my family watch the movie it brings joy to my heart. My family and I watch Fast and Loud every week, from my big hearted son to my sweet daughter. The Trans Am will bring a smile to my son’s face!!!!!! He is your biggest fan!

  • Joseph

    I Watch the show all the time and will love
    to win the smokey and the bandit car you
    built its my dream car they are hard to find.
    Hope to win!

  • Anna Lopez

    Yes my dream car your the best…

  • chris coffey

    let me win the bandit car and i will buy you a case of beer. yes i said case. :bigthumb:

  • lester-ottum

    :io: love-the-show=whow-nice-car-the-trans-am-I-the-show-I-like-is-the=60-chev-belaire-my-brotherhade-oneit-whas-fast-i-allways-what-one

  • Ray ray

    cool Show I’ve drove a couple T/A’s mostly chevelles @Harleys till I hit a deer last year

  • Ray ray

    oh yea I have a66 2 door caprice in good shape

  • joshua fields

    :love: that car wish I had a car to dive I am por cant bye me a car

  • joshua fields

    :love: that car wish I had a car to drive I am so pore to bye a car

  • joshua fields

    :love: :bowdown:

  • Michael Quick

    Wife & I watch FAST & LOUD all the time “FAVORITE SHOW”


    Use to own a 1978 just like this one . Sold it to a young kid who wrecked it . Wish I had it back . Nice car .

  • jose

    I love the show I hope to be the winner

  • Russell S Redell

    would love to win that car my wife and I met you guys on our honey moon in Reno at the car auction of course my wife had to have her picture with you guys ! good people !!

  • Jonathan Maniaul

    I love ur show n I love to see u guy’s build a 99 camaro w 3.8 engine n make it loud n fast !

  • Marshall v

    I am a simple 16 year old whose parents are blaming me for a possible divorce and threatens me they will not get me a car because my rooms never clean If I win this car I will talk about it and post it on my school website thank you

  • Marshall v


  • Marshall v

    But I love the show

  • terry simpson

    this is the coolest show ever I want to go to to dallas to meet the guys it would be cool and drink a beer with Richard and maybe win a car

  • allen cook

    I really like the show.Me and my wife watch the show all the time.Would really like to win the trans-am.

  • Allen Cook.

    I really like the show.Me and my wife watch the show all the time.Would really like to win the trans-am it is a nice car.

  • Jennifer Armstrong

    This would totally make my husband one happy camper to win this beautiful icon of our history growing up !

  • Jennifer Armstrong

    The Trans- am that is !

  • Donnie Rose

    I don’t know if you guys read this mail or not but for that car I will I’ll Drive outsmart out talk and I challenge anyone bring on the challenge determination accomplishes all short and sweet up for the challeng

  • Linda B

    Got to have that car

  • Linda B

    and Richard!

  • todd duesler

    Like to win car

  • todd duesler

    Nice car like to win it. My brother had a 1979 with a 6.6 litter

  • jason johansen

    Gas monkey fn rocks. I need a dam beer assistant ……..

  • Cheryl Wynn

    My husband Is a VERY BIG FAN he has me watching ya’ll and I LOVE YOUR SHOW! And I would LOVE TO DRINK A COLD BEER WITH RICHARD! WE LOVE GAS MONKEY SHOW!

  • Todd Durrell

    Tell Richard, Erin, and the rest of the crew to get on a jet and come out to Hawaii. I live on the island of Maui, and we’ve got plenty of eye candy out here to keep the boys happy – girls wearing thongs in December – Getcha some of that!!

    I’ve got a garage full of muscle cars and a fridge full of cold beer! Go look for some damned car, film it, and make the discovery channel pay for the damn trip to Hawaii. Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

  • William Arriaga

    What was todays code

    • Chris

      don’t think it was on the show, I’ll update the post as soon as I get it



  • Jim Lett

    Hey guys,love the show.Seen the bandit episode 6 times.I had a 78″,T/A,I bought,$8,350.00,($238,a month), 3 weeks after H.S,graduation, Indianapolis,in 1978.Car was black with camel tan interior,t-tops,400 motor.Real head turner.I pulled my Smoke n Bandit move in Decature,Illonis,had two cops couldn’t catch me.They top ended 109 mph,I was clocked 145 and then some,not bad for stock of the line.What can I say Burt was my idol! Got 7 tickets that trip.Paid by mastercard and drove away.Ahh those were the days.Ended up losing the car in Dayton,Ohio snow storm 6-8 inches,hit a pole,should have parked it that night.Kicker is it was my 18th birthday, and you guessed it,the same day,as the contest drawing.DOB-1/7/61. Man! It sure would be “Righteous Karma”,and one hell of a story to tell my kids and future grand kids,to win that “Tranny’,in a contest on my b-day,35 yrs later to the day,after crashing mine.Oh and yes I am much more mature now!Lol. No Really! You can’t make this stuff up,I can produce at least one witness! Wish me luck folks,

  • sandra

    did anybody get the code for last night? i am wondering if it is the same code from last week

  • sandra

    They had a repeat segment which is why I am wondering if it is the same code from week of december 9th.

  • cal

    Im wondering about week 3 code as well,,im kinda confused,i figured if they were going to have a contest with weekly codes,,you’d have to think it would be new episodes with new codes as well,,,anyone know whats goin on? Happy holidays all!

  • Julie

    :love: would love the car and would love to go drinking with Richard

  • orlando guerrero

    elcarro del bandido lesquedo muibien es un auto que amuchos nosguariatenerlo para disfrutarlo todos los dias :io:

  • Richard

    I watch your show all the time get great ideas from you guys ! I was hoping to see Richard build an 1980s dodge pickup truck on you show ? Please Richard build one for us all to see old truck power from the past ! ! ! Keep up the good work .


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