Free shirt

Jul 23 10:00 am

Not sure what post it’s from

free red 3XL size gusto! t-shirt

Jul 20 8:26 am

I like this color! πŸ™‚

2 T-shirts

Jul 14 12:15 pm

It comes compressed (shown) which is why it is so wrinkled
Original post:

Free gusto t-shirt

Jul 11 10:40 am

Free shanes t-shirt

Jul 10 3:25 pm

Shanes t shirt, won in the instant win Shanes BBQ shack contest on FST

Free jeff gordon shirt

Jul 10 9:59 am

original post:
Jeff Gordon t shirt, well night shirt for me, and they enclosed a sample of Shea Body Butter

Free Stuff 7/5-7/9

Clothing, Other
Jul 9 7:41 pm

my second load of free stuff πŸ™‚
the earrings arrived on the 5th. a google/ thing. i loves them, finally i have a pair that don’t hurt my ears~
today i got the shirt from Gusto! which i believe no longer does the free shirt thing πŸ™ and the flexable tripod is another google/ thing ( used another card number) this will come in handy for the photography i do πŸ™‚ !

National Guard cowboy hat, XL t-shirt & water bottle

Clothing, gifts, hats, Other
Jul 9 5:55 pm

This is from that Hooah points thing.

Martini Gold T-Shirt

Jun 28 9:24 am

Very cute t-shirt. Thanks FST!!!Β  πŸ™‚

Today’s mail includes:

Caress sample
Grilling recipe book
Free issue of Marie Claire (EXPIRED – sorry)
Marriage today mag issue
Walmart’s Fiber one sample (Worked second time after the first one arrived) :yum:
Free pens form ecampus
Can’t find the link for the book.. :dunno:
And.. the Nesquik shirt is an XL.. A little big, but oh well it was free! lol
Thanks Chris & everyone who mentioned about Nesquik Breakers. :wiggle: