Chocolate Martini Gold T-shirt

Jun 10 6:20 am

My first “What I Got” post! Usually free shirts are like big shapeless tents… but this is SO CUTE! It fits better than my Rebecca Beeson t-shirts – and the length is perfect, too. Since it’s still “June Gloom” in CA, I’m wearing it with my Theory turtleneck. (It’s a very thin turtleneck, btw, so it’s really comfy with the t-shirt. I know: “Too much information!”) Thank you Chris!!!

Nesquik Welcome package

I’ve been told that this is the welcoming package that some get… :dunno: anyway, in the box: 1 spiral notebook, 2 coupons for Free Nesquik (Ooo I like those glittery things on the coupons -it looks like a rainbow in the pic :eek3: ), 2 pencils, & a Large T-shirt.

Nesquik Breakers Sampling Event Kit

Wow. I can’t wait to get all the free products. Here’s what’s in the box:
1 Large Nesquik T-shirt (doesn’t look like a large to me! :kekeke: )
10 coupons for FREE Nesquik
14 coupons for $1 off Nesquik
15 little notepads
20 Nesquik pencils
and the acceptance letter … which reminds me of everything I need to do :kekeke:
компютри втора употреба

Free tee shirt from ?

May 19 8:48 pm

I have got no idea who this came from or why it came. It was “blind shipped” from Illinois to my (on it’s way to being real) company. But I can’t find a link on here where it could’ve come from. And there was nothing in the box except the shirt. Weird. :dunno:

Free Not Your Average Sloppy Joe T-Shirt -EXPIRED

May 5 5:30 pm

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and it will actually FIT me!! wow

Gospel Tracts, Window Cling, Sloppy Joe T-Shirt, Pepsi Points Stuff, Sticky Tabs, Skin Genesis

Samples of Gospel Tracts – Got the Prayer List, and Salvation Study Course (Ordered more items though)

Vocal Point – Changable window cling (came on its own from them)

Not Your Average Sloppy Joe T-Shirt (came in size 2XL! Too big for even my brother.)

Pepsi Points Stuff – Got the 1st season of 3rd Rock From the Sun DVD

Sticky Tabs

L’Oreal Paris Skin Genesis

Free Not Your Average Sloppy Joe T-Shirt -EXPIRED

May 5 12:03 pm

Be sloppy- sloppy joe T-shirt

May 3 8:45 am

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I couldn’t believe I got one!!

Free alka seltzer shirt

Mar 10 11:21 am

This was discussed in the comment section, a sunday newspaper freebie offer, just one UPC from Alka Seltzer and no S/H or anything, It is really nice, ordered a big one for a night shirt. It is long sleeved

Free Pom product, shirt and hat

No hat, but got a great shirt, some really good coupons, and a couple post it notepads
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