Yesterday’s Mail.

Tshirt I don’t remember where it came from I searched idea blob so idk. Pledge/WalMart

I think Gap made a mistake! Got a free shirt and shoes!

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Nov 3 8:25 pm

I ordered my little girl her Winter coat last week from When it arrived, the box also contained a green long sleeve t-shirt (which happened to be her size!) and a pair of really cute shoes! I took a picture of the shirt but she won’t take the shoes off to let me take a picture of them. I copied the pic of them off of their website. She LOVES them! They are one size too big, but they fit alright. Woohoo!

I think its because they felt bad that I paid $50 plus shipping for a not quite 2 year old’s coat!

More POM Merchandise – a bit disappointing!

So I got my follow-up POM merchandise from the iced coffee survey and I am quite disappointed! I was told I would get $75.00 worth of POM merchandise…they must think a lot of their t-shirt and bag b/c I wouldn’t call that $75.00 worth! I got a t-shirt that says “Yes, officer I’m completely buzzed” on the front and has a web address on the back and a bag that is evidently made out of an old POM banner. I also got several coupons for free POM products and a few $1.00 off coupons as well. I’m kind of disappointed after being told I would get $75.00 worth of stuff!

Free Oasis T-shirt-EXPIRED

Nov 3 12:35 pm

Oasis T-shirt, NatGeo Map, Johnsons’ Kit, Greeting Cards

Clothing, gifts, Posters
Nov 1 2:32 pm

Loofah and a bottle of Johnsons’ baby oil (came from Glamour/Allure, I guess it was a giveaway?)
Nice big U.S. map from National Geographic
Oasis T-Shirt (a HUGE XL!) for listening to that Oasis widget – couldn’t find the original posts for any of these –
and 6 greeting cards from Cardsdirect (all with a big fat “SAMPLE” stamped on them, ah well, can use them as postcards…):
Thanks Chris!

Shmoop T-Shirt

Oct 28 8:55 am

I went to this website and signed my son up for the t-shirt. I haven’t had time to really use it but from what I’ve seen it should be a very help educational website. History and literature. It has if not all of Shakespeare’s plays. I was impressed. If I can get my son off tag & my space he would do great in these subject. Hopefully the t-shirt will inspire him.

shmoop t shirt

shmoop t shirt

Bear Naked Halloween Kit

Clothing, Kits, Other, Samples, Stickers
Oct 23 8:41 pm

-includes: • 30 Sample packs of Bear Naked fruit & nut granola • A reusable grocery bag • Halloween edition Bear Naked T-shirt • sticker


black JYGY t-shirt, 3 buttons, and 3 stickers

Clothing, Pins, Stickers
Oct 22 7:34 pm

All of this stuff is soooo cute. The shirt is size 2 XL, NICE! Hmmm, the paper says this was a “giveaway contest” so maybe that’s why other stuff was thrown in with the shirt.


JYGY Tshirt

Oct 22 6:35 pm

It wasn’t a official freebie, but it was posted in the forum so I gave it a shot & it came. It is sooo cute!


So that I don’t have to walk around naked

Oct 20 12:29 pm