Free Wellies

by masaki - Gift Cards/Certs
Mar 10 7:23 pm

I signed up for my mall’s club (check your local mall’s website for a link titled “the club”). They send out emails every 6 months or so that you print and bring to the mall for a $10 giftcard.

These were on sale for $7, so I still have a $3 balance on my gc :D

Free Honora Pearl Bracelet Set from Helzberg Diamonds

by masaki - Samples
Jan 24 5:53 pm

I recieved a card in the mail today from my local store with a coupon. I think I go this from signing up for the catalog. $30 value. Can’t wait to wear it out :)

Snickers and AMD

by masaki - Gift Cards/Certs, Kits, Samples
Oct 21 8:55 pm

Recieved the Snickers Peanut Butter Squared Halloween package today, can’t wait to decorate and hand out the candy :) Also saved up enough points on AMD Insight to get $30 in Amazon giftcodes (took about a year) and bought some DVDs. Trick R Treat is my new favorite Halloween movie <3

Aeropostale Shirt

by masaki - Clothing
Apr 11 9:53 pm

Went into Aeropostale with a print out of the Seventeen homepage and got this shirt :)

Victoria’s Secret & Clean and Clear

by masaki - Coupons/In Store deals, gifts, Product Testing, Samples
Mar 24 2:07 pm

totes from victoria’s secret clean and clear makeup removers  from bzzagent

Free Foods

by masaki - Coupons/In Store deals, Samples
Feb 11 5:55 pm


total of $20 in free foods :)
the cashier almost didn’t take my coupons, saying that they were from the computer (which they weren’t. all were mailed to me and had very obvious writing on the back of them which says “veri-fi protected coupon. scratch to reveal coupon inc logo”. because you know, i just have computer paper like that laying around)

OMG I won something~!

by masaki - Contest Wins
Feb 4 7:12 pm


my third win but my first BIG win! yey! a Logitech Freepulse Wireless Headphones (average value: $225) from the last Marboro music contest.
they are charging right now..can’t wait to see how well they work~

Flowers from FTD

by masaki - Samples
Jan 24 8:13 pm

dsc07082 dsc07081

With a MyPoints code i also recieved a code for $15 off a FTD order..i had forgotten about it until flowers showed up at my door, it seems my gf ordered them for me as an early Valentine’s Day gift :)
(i had to use a pasta holder as a vase since i don’t own one lol )

Walmart GC & TripAdvisor

by masaki - Clothing, Gift Cards/Certs
Jan 6 12:37 pm

got the cat condo with the walmart GC from the survey everyone did. my gf did it as well, we spent that one on a bunch of cat supplies and some socks lol.
shirt from tripadvisor..yay for a free shirt in my size! i can actually wear this one out of the house instead of a night shirt :D

NFL and Amazon

by masaki - dvds/videos/music, Gift Cards/Certs
Dec 29 5:49 pm

The Buccaneers bag is from the Prilosec thing, it arrived the day AFTER the last game of the season so i wasn’t able to wear it to the game :(
The movie (Formula 17, a Thai gay teen comedy which is one of my favorite movies) is from a mypoints GC for amazon. i also got cat toys but they’ve been missing since they arrived :P.
best freebies of the year for me :)

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