Dove and Old Spice Mail Freebies

by maggi - Samples
Jul 20 8:28 am

Little Freebies for Today …..

by maggi - Samples
Jul 15 10:05 am

Quaker Simple Harvest Hot Cereal Pack

by maggi - Samples
Jul 14 9:38 pm

I just made it for a late night snack. Taste OK, but definitely for the health eating junkies !
Original Link: Free Quaker Simple Harvest Granola Bar or Hot Cereal Packet Expired Now.

Yay! Finally…

by maggi - Samples
Jul 10 9:51 am

I keep trying to be one of the first 10,000 to get the Clean Home Journal Freebie and finally I got one!

Original Link:

Dove Pro Age Body Lotion and Go Fresh Shampoo Conditioner

by maggi - Samples
Jul 8 6:20 am

Here are some Dove Freebies I got in the mail.