Preacher’s Kid DVD Guidepost Contest Win

by lilangel311 - Contest Wins, dvds/videos/music
Jul 3 10:26 am

I got this DVD in the mail today. I enter so many contest here that I can’t remember this one. I don’t think I ever heard of the movie, lol. I googled the contest for Guidepost but all that came up was “” it’s the rules page for the contest.
“The Preacher’s Kid DVD” (total ARV $29.98) It’s going for $20.99 on right now.

Free superfruit vitamin mini gloss at American Eagle Aerie stores on thursdays

by lilangel311 - gifts
May 7 12:05 am
Nice size lip gloss, good size .067 fl.oz./2ml. Retail price is $7.50. Only 1 color called “Pout,” it is a really cute pink with some glitter in it. No problem getting it. I ended up buying $25 in underwear but they were on sale :)

Free cami at Lane Bryant

by lilangel311 - Clothing
May 7 12:05 am
They had white or black so I got black, cute cami but they run big. I’m going to give it to my mom with her Mother’s Day gifts. No problem getting it.

10 Free samples at Sephora

by lilangel311 - Samples
May 7 12:04 am

I was at the mall to pick up my Aerie lip gloss and a Lane Bryant cami and since Sephora is right across from Aerie  I saw on here something about 10 free samples so I went in to Sephora and they are promoting their new “Skin care challenge.” They didn’t ask you if you were interested but they had signs up. I told the cashier I got an email about it and saying I would get 10 free samples, so she went in the back and came out with this little zip lock bag of skin care samples. No problem getting it at all. This is from March 26 so I was worried it be over but they still had some.

Access Hollywood’s “Crazy Heart” Sweepstakes

by lilangel311 - Contest Wins, dvds/videos/music
May 3 7:34 pm

This sweepstakes was posted in the contest section on 4/21  and expired 4/27. I just received it via USPS today. Prize: (1 winner) “Crazy Heart” DVD
Sounds good, I gave it to my Dad as a gift, he likes Jeff Bridges.

Free Cacique solid cotton panty at Lane Bryant

by lilangel311 - Coupons/In Store deals
Apr 28 8:15 pm

Posted Yesterday here:
I had no problem getting this, I signed up and signed my dad up. I got a pair of nude and he got black, we got them for my mom since their stuff is a little big for me. Smallest were 14-16 so we got her that. Here is a pic of the one I picked up.

Access Hollywood’s “Crazy Heart” Sweepstakes

by lilangel311 - Contest Wins, dvds/videos/music
Apr 27 10:34 pm

This contest was posted 4/21   and expired today. Prize: (1 winner) “Crazy Heart” DVD
I just got this email from them…
You’ve been selected as a winner for an Giveaway of Crazy Heart DVD.
There’s just one more step you have to take in order to receive your prize.
We need to verify that the information that you supplied to us when you registered is correct. Also, we need you to check a box that verifies an Affidavit of Eligibility that you are over 18 years of age, a legal resident of the United States, and not an employee of NBC Universal — checking this box will serve as your virtual signature.”
I will post the picture when I get the DVD in the mail.

2 Free Philadelphia 76ers preseason tickets

by lilangel311 - Tickets
Sep 30 10:09 pm

I picked these up yesterday, my dad came with me and the lady gave us our tickets together. Last year they were pre-printed so our tickets weren’t near each other, but this year they printed them as you brought in the e-mail. I got 11th row near the away teams bench. Not bad at all, but nobody really cares about the 76ers this year with the all the Vick controversy going on with the Eagles.


Deluxe sample of Harajuku Lovers Fragrance from Seventeen Magazine

by lilangel311 - Samples
Jul 8 12:51 am -bring the August 2009 cover of Seventeen or a printout of the homepage to any Nordstrom fragrance counter to receive a deluxe sample of Harajuku Lovers Fragrance in all five scents: Baby, Music, Lil’ Angel, Love and G.
perfumeI was there at about 8pm est. and the girl at the counter told me she only had one left after she gave me mine, I was shocked they even had two left when I got there that late at night. It was the one at the King of Prussia Mall if anybody lives in the area. Cute size for free. Sorry about the blurry picture.

Free King Arthur Flour

by lilangel311 - Samples
Jun 1 8:22 pm

I got this today via fedex, they had sent me tracking number on the 28th.
I can’t find the link but it was first 5,000 people will receive a Free 2Ib bag of King Arthur Flour, included free shipping.

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