12/01 MAIL

by Bri - Samples
Dec 2 2:06 am

Reusable Bag from Dansko
“Hand” Pointer from Scholastic/ Learning Resouces. Yes its an actual finger pointing! Not what I taught it was going to be!

Microsoft Office 2007

by Bri - Contest Wins
Nov 20 12:12 am

From Microsoft ExpertZone Back To School Sweepstakes

Trick Or Treat For UNICEF Party Kit

by Bri - Kits
Oct 19 8:52 pm

Came With:
6 Trick Or Treat Boxes
Drawstring backpack
Cards to Hand Out
Doorknob signs
Downloadable Resources CD
Window Clingcp1_1019091703

PETA, M&M’s and Vocalpoint

by Bri - Samples
Oct 8 10:04 pm

Got my Evil Mcdonolds Peta Kit.
Also, Secret Clinical Strength Sample From VocalPoint
And my 2nd Free Mars Chocolate Coupon cp1_1008092014