chickdowntown order :)

by BeatlesBabe87 - Clothing, Gift Cards/Certs
Apr 1 4:46 pm

only paid .44 cents total! Such a cute shirt! and it fits perfectly!

Thermofocus Thermometer

by BeatlesBabe87 - gifts, Product Testing
Feb 6 11:20 pm

Got this for free from for taking almost a year with my medicine dispenser from a last February LOL! I’m in looove with this thing!

Latina Mag, Nads, Checks, Oasis Tshirt, and Coupons

by BeatlesBabe87 - Clothing, Coupons/In Store deals, Magazines
Nov 12 8:49 pm

Ok so there are three items that are not in the picture. A $25 check, A $12 check, and the Oasis shirt.

Teen Vogue Guerlain TerraCotta Bronzing Powder

by BeatlesBabe87 - Contest Wins, gifts
Oct 24 2:24 pm

I searched in the contests section and on google to see how I won this . . . no results. But anyway the package it came in was from Teen Vogue so I’m guessing they sent it to me. It’s pretty expensive so you would never see me buying this LOL

Good Mail Day Today!

by BeatlesBabe87 - Samples
Oct 22 6:35 pm

No big packages but I got something :)
Magic Eight Ball
Tide Sample plust $1 Off Coupon
Fruit Roll Up Sample
Pampers Coupons (YEEEEY!!!!!)
Venus Embrace Coupons
and Allure Mag!

Mascara From a Trade

by BeatlesBabe87 - Samples
Oct 17 7:06 pm

thank you! I loooooove it!

Saturn House Party

by BeatlesBabe87 - Gift Cards/Certs
Oct 12 3:52 pm

15 reusable shopping bags, a messenger bag, 10 water bottles, and a thingie that goes in the car to organize things. (picture is not very good quality)

(not pictured)
how to organize a party book
$25 gas card
and lots and lots of booklets

GameHouse Games

by BeatlesBabe87 - Software
Jul 28 9:38 am

Promotional Items

by BeatlesBabe87 - Samples
Jul 9 1:07 pm

I can’t remember where exactly I got this from but it might have been from:

Lucky Win

by BeatlesBabe87 - Samples
Jun 18 9:20 am

I got this in the mail yesterday but couldnt post it here. A special thanks to Chris for resetting my PW!

I looked up the value of these and it turns out they are $127!

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