SELF magazine beauty testing time!

by bagofrats - Samples
Dec 22 11:04 am

Body butters! This’ll be like a years supply, geez.

Allure August win & Herbal Essences Qs

by bagofrats - Coupons/In Store deals
Oct 31 1:00 pm

Allure win – KRONOS Krystal High Gloss Shine Spray (retail $30). Are these all coming separately from different vendors ? (this one came from a company out in Valencia, Cali – not from Allure directly)

The free Herbal Essences Qs from the facebook giveaway recently are arriving! – also includes a $1 off Q. And, for those that do RiteAid SCRs, they do have one for Herbal Essences either currently or coming up soon.

Win(s); Coupon freebies

by bagofrats - Samples
Jul 31 11:24 pm

Black bag was a win from the Entourage/Verizon IWG.
The two supplement bottles are (I assume) a win. I really don’t like it when there is zero information in the package…
Toothpaste & brushes from those AWESOME colgate coupons !

Red Faction contest IWG Win!

by bagofrats - Contest Wins
May 13 7:19 pm

$25 best buy GC