Nivea coupons

by angelgirleyes80 - Coupons/In Store deals
May 5 2:13 pm

i emailed them and ask for coupons and they sent them.

Free Febreeze Flameless Luminary and Wooden Wick Candle

by angelgirleyes80 - gifts
Apr 25 3:08 pm


ModernMom Insiders

by angelgirleyes80 - Samples
Mar 23 11:00 pm

this is the email they sent me anyone else get this
The febreze offer…
We’re writing to you because you filed out a survey hoping to receive a free febreze coupon. The offer was posted on several coupon sites without ModernMom’s knowledge or consent. The offer is exclusive to our ModernMom Insiders. We apologize for the misunderstanding.

House Party for Your Shape™, a new Wii™ fitness game and MOUSSE TEMPTATIONS by JELL-O

by angelgirleyes80 - gifts
Dec 8 10:28 pm

This is the email i got:
Congratulations… You are a Fun, Fit and Guilt-Free House Party host!!
Because you were among the first host finalists to set up your party online, you are confirmed as a host and will be receiving a free party package to share with your guests shortly before the party.
Packages will be mailed in time to arrive before your party date. Check your party site regularly for news on what’s in your package, when it’s been shipped, and when you can expect it to arrive.

Calphalon 5″ Santoku knife

by angelgirleyes80 - gifts
Sep 23 1:57 pm

Got it from that registry that you had  to add $500 in calphalon items to .

Free Pirate tickets

by angelgirleyes80 - Tickets
Sep 18 1:40 pm

I did not get them from this site but still wanted to share what i got. 4 tickets and a parking pass from my hubbies work :wiggle:

$10 Target gift card from PTA

by angelgirleyes80 - Gift Cards/Certs
Sep 18 12:42 pm

I can not find the original link for it but it was for a back to school thing. :wiggle:  It may be only $10 but it will be fun to spend.

Rhapsody® Music Every Minute

by angelgirleyes80 - Contest Wins
Aug 11 9:32 am

Dear angelgirleyes80,
Congratulations! You have been selected to receive a prize by registering in the 2009 My Coke Rewards Instant Win Game, administered by ePrize for The Coca-Cola Company.
You’ve won the Rhapsody® Music Every Minute Instant Win Game: $0.99 Rhapsody Digital Code. Terms and conditions of digital code apply. Approximate Retail Value: $0.99.
Your promotional code is:
Rhapsody $1 Multi-Instant Win
Please feel free to contact Prize Fulfillment Services via email at Please include the name of the promotion and the prize listed above in the subject line of your email.
You may download the rules by clicking here.
Congratulations again and thank you for your continued patronage of The Coca-Cola Company.
Prize Fulfillment Services
Thanks for drinking.

Home Made Simple coupon book/Profectiv Mega Growth

by angelgirleyes80 - Samples
Aug 29 7:34 am

Free Picholine $50 GC

by angelgirleyes80 - Gift Cards/Certs
Aug 20 9:50 am

Cant find the link. I got this $50.00 gift card for Picholine fine dining in New York but cant use it. but if you can let me know could trade?

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