LCD Settlement check from 2010

by AMY1 - Gift Cards/Certs
Nov 1 11:51 pm

I received this check today 11/1/2014.  What a $434.94 TREAT.  I wasn’t expecting more than $20 if that. Thanks Chris for posting this way back when? I couldn’t find the original post so feel free to add to my posting. HAPPY Dance!!

Diamond class action lawsuit

by AMY1 - Gift Cards/Certs
Jun 18 12:18 am

I thought is was junk mail, I’m glad I opened it.  Some people got more & less. I didn’t expect to get anything. I think this lawsuit started over 2years ago.

Red Bull

by AMY1 - Samples
Jan 9 6:57 pm

This came quick! No Excuses time to work out!

Free Stability exercise ball from Sears

by AMY1 - Coupons/In Store deals, Samples
Dec 31 10:54 am

What I got this week.

by AMY1 - Clothing, Samples
Apr 15 11:54 pm

Ocean Spray juice, Kudzu piece of chocolate, money clip, mouth guard, pyrex pot holder, Tee Shirt, free Bic lighter coupon, Essence mag, Wellness pet food.

Singer Sew Easy House Party

by AMY1 - Product Testing
Apr 15 11:54 pm

I was picked to Host the Singer Sew Easy House Party. My party will be 5/7/11.  So excited, working on my menu, projects & activities.

Picky Cat Free with coupon

by AMY1 - Coupons/In Store deals
Apr 3 11:29 am

My store only had four boxes left.  Did anyone have trouble with their coupons. The coupons read free up to $3.99; when scanned it only scanned $1.50. I told the manager that these were Petsmart coupons and  I got them  from their website.  He went to check their website but couldn’t find it. oop cost $1.48  (Thanks Chris, I was out of cat food).

What I Got

by AMY1 - Magazines, Samples
Mar 30 7:02 pm

The first photo was how it looked in my mailbox.  I wasn’t expecting so much.
The second photo Beyond cat sample, 2pk Depend, Home made simple coupon book, Shape & Family fun magazine, make it you mission pin to fight heart disease and the Target beauty pouch (cute) :)

Loreal paris

by AMY1 - Product Testing, Samples
Mar 24 2:54 pm

My first BzzAgent test!

Free Veet Depilatories and Butterfinger Snackerz at Rite Aid

by AMY1 - Coupons/In Store deals
Mar 23 3:56 pm

Thanks Chris, using the $3 Veet & in store insert $3 Veet coupons ($5.99) and $1 off 2 (2 for $1) all FREE + tax. I picked these up Sunday 5 minutes before closing. LOL

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