Prize: (1 winner) NordicTrack T52i with an iPod connection and iFit Personal Training (ARV $900)

Oct 31 12:26 pm
  • mary m. conklin

    i have been in bad health for a few years and just lost my daughter and came across this contest by accident. was always active and thought this may be what i need to get my mood flowing and get back out in the world.lost my best friend and the person i did all fun things with and cant get myself in the swing of life anymore.the nordictrack and ifit personal training sounded very interesting.

  • rl story

    i would like to win this treadmill due to a number of medical issue. i do have diabetes with high blood, high cholesterol i have had a mild stroke and heart attactk. not living in the type of area where i can come home and take daily walk in the evening. the winter does not alway warrent me walking at my lunch at work time either. i had try joining the gym for the first time in my life but i hurt myself on the glider and have not been back since. i cannot lose weight due to my insulin intake and other related drugs i have to take. having the treadmill will allow me to take the time out and workout and try to get my out of control weight and diseases under control.

  • I would like to win this tread mill. I have a bad heart and have gained some weight. I need to lose this weight to keep healthy. I work a lot of hours and come home late, so it is too dark to run in the neighborhood. This treadmill would be wonderful to win.

  • ingrid

    weel really need to win this i need to lose baby weigth. i gain 40 pounds, and i dont have money to buy me one.

  • Tricia Wheeler

    I would love to win this treadmill because I have recently lost my best friend(my Mom)!My mom’s passing was a 23 day battle with lung cancer, very devastating to me. I used to exercise everyday before my mom’s 23 day battle. It has been 3 months since I lost my mom and I have not exercised since my Mom got sick. I walk the dog maybe around the block!I feel like I am in a depression that I can’t push thru. I only seem to exercise my jaw with food! I am very scared for the winter to come. I am hoping to win this treadmill to get my groove back!

  • Hi my name is Latosha i want to win,its simple im unemployed my husband barley makes enough money for us to pay our rent ive always want my on treadmill just cant efford
    to by it.hope u pick me, you would be changing my life.