Contestant must then submit the following:

 Personal Information: Contestant’s first name, last name, e-mail address, home phone number, mailing address and date of birth (“Personal Information”).
 Contestant will also be required to check a box acknowledging that Contestant is at least 18 years of age and another box that Contestant has read and accepts this Contest’s Official Rules.

 A photograph and photograph title of what the number 10 means to Contestant (collectively, the “Photo”)

 A written statement of no more than approximately three hundred (300) words about how long Contestant has been following Ellen on Facebook and why Contestant deserves to win a trip to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (the “Statement”)

 WINNER SELECTION PROCESS: During the Contest Period, Sponsor, at its sole discretion, will select approximately twenty-five (25) Photos and Statements for final voting by the judging panel. The finalists’ Photos and Statements will be voted on by a panel of judges selected by Sponsor in Sponsor’s sole discretion. The winning Photo and Statement will be determined, at the sole discretion of the judging panel, based 33.3% on creativity, 33.3% on originality, and 33.3% on appropriateness to the theme of the Contest (i.e., how long have you been following Ellen on Facebook and why do you deserve to attend a taping of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show?”). The Photo/Statements entries receiving the most votes by the judges will receive the Grand Prize (as defined below, the “Prize”). The winning Photo/Statement will be selected by the judges within twenty-four (24) hours following the closing of the Contest Period. In the event of a tie, the potential winner will be the Contestant whose Photo/Statement is considered more creative as determined by the judges.

 GRAND PRIZE: There shall be ten (10) Grand Prizes. Each “Grand Prize” winner will receive:
 Roundtrip economy class airfare for the Prizewinner to the greater Los Angeles area  Hotel accommodations in the greater Los Angeles area for two (2) nights for the Prizewinner
 One (1) ticket to a live taping of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” during the 2013 12 Days of Giveaways (exact date to be determined at Sponsor’s sole discretion)



May 24 12:05 am
  • 10 for 10 give way enter me

  • norma runyon
  • Johnnie Miller

    Hello Ellen I’ve watched your show with my mom several times. We think that how you kindly look upon the misfortunes of others and bless them in their trials, is truly a blessing. Please continue to freely give to those who are in need as God has given to you. It truly is more of a blessing to give than to receive.

  • ruben

    Hello ellen i watch your shows before i go to work. I ruben would like to meet you in person you are a specail person and i would like to win some prizes or cash if you give me a chance. Love ruben p.

  • Norma Matherne

    Hi Ellen , my name is Norma I am 27 years of age . I love ur inspirational attitude . Your a gifted women and I have been watching your show for a couple of tiers now. You have changes so many people’s live and have given them hope when they thought that their was no light at the end of the tunnel you made it possible to see beautiful bright side. I have two beautiful children one that is fourteen and the other who is about to be four. I have been through so much being persecuted for what I believe, being abused and raped my exes and yet I still stand strong and firm. I defiantly would love to meet you and introduce to you my four year old that loves the character you played as dory the fish. If given the chance to meet you It would mean the world to me because like you I also was involved in relationships with woman., but I can’t come out because of my religious background growing up in a family where my grandfather was a pastor and it would crush my grandmothers heart . I didn’t have my mom and dad growing up because my father raped my mom who is mute and deaf and then said that my twin sister Sonia ( who I have not seen in eight years) and I where not his. I have been a mother since the age of thirteen and never had the chance to be a teen but nevertheless endured the pain of slander and criticism but with all that being said I am the person I am because of faith ! I am a very happy person no matter the trials and tribulations . I really hope to meet you one day because its not everyday I can say I met someone I looked up to for the very first time God bless you Ellen and keep blessing people’s hearts . One day you will be blessed in the same measure that you have given . I hope this encourages your heart today you are an amazing individual with a future before you . I can’t express the way I feel but if I had one word in which I had to explain it , it would be astonished ! May God bless you and yours now and forever .