send a text message with the word SNICKERS to 78787 and follow the instructions contained in the reply text messages.
(Each Game play requires you to send three (3)text messages.)
If you are the first person to play the Game on or after the predetermined time and date for the most recent winning Game message made available, you will receive an online message that says “CONGRATULATIONS,” the prize you won and a Winner Confirmation Number. Or, if you play by text message, you will receive a text message that says“You Win!” and a 6-digit prize identification number (“Mobile PIN”). You must in put your Mobile PIN at

Five Hundred (500) First Prizes: each, a $100 Visa Gift Card; Approximate Retail Value (ARV): $100 each.
One Thousand (1,000) Second Prizes: each, a $25 Visa Gift Card; ARV: $25 each.
Ten Thousand (10,000) Third Prizes: each, a SNICKERS® Branded Candy Bowl; ARV: $15 each.
Nine Hundred and Ninety Thousand (990,000) Fourth Prizes: each, a coupon redeemable for one (1) SNICKERS® Bar (1.76-1.84 oz.); ARV: $1.29 each.
Total ARV of AllPrizes: $1,502,100.

Dec 30 10:16 pm