If you  have a bag of Lays with the contest on it follow these instructions:

Text SUMMER to 24477  – Look for the 9-digit Code on the bag when you receive your text prompt.

Or you can enter with no purchase necessary by calling 1-866-234-6637.

75- $750 Instant-Win Prizes and
1725- $75 Instant-Win Prizes available

May 25 8:26 pm
  • http://Firefox Susan

    Win contest enter me

  • Charlotte

    Enter me please

  • lana

    enter me please

  • http://msn.com gerry jonovic

    enter me please

  • Carol

    I typed in iñformation..but nothing happens. HELP!
    How do I.enter the 9 digit code?
    Thank u 4 your help.

  • Gabriel

    No promo code on my 10 oz bag of chips . What’s the deal , why is there no promo code

  • Gabriel

    No promo code on my 10 oz bag of chips . What’s the deal . Did I get the only bag of chips without a promo code.

  • Gabriel

    What kind of deal do you got here . Three times I’ve sent a comment and each time you don’t accept it .
    I don’t have a promo code on my 10 oz bag of chips . So I can’t enter till I buy a mother bag . What kind of deal is this . Please respond back .

  • http://jml@french.toast.net JANET LINTEMOOT

    I won $75 on 7/14/2013 – Text entry-Phone # – 575-647-8318. I have tried to use the code, but I can not complete the entry. It says it is rejected. The code # is:

    Issued: 07/15/21013
    Value: $75
    CARD # 5440066090218460
    EXP: 10/15/2013
    CVV: 988

    Please help me. I want to order somethings before it expires.

    E-mail me at: jml@french.toast.net or
    Call me at: 575-647-8318