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Jun 20 9:00 pm
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  • sonya yolanda moran

    i now subscribe to elle. i love the magazine and it’s different and nondiscript fashions. the e jean advice column is fun to read. she has the right words to say to us distraught women. the real life articles are good too. the high luxury ads, ie: perfumes, jewlery, and other fashions. i love the beauty tips, they are informative. i want to continue to subscribe to elle for as long as i can. thank you

  • sonya yolanda moran

    please enter me in the contests.

  • sonya yolanda moran

    :rofl: :rofl:

  • sonya yolanda moran

    :hs: :wavey:

  • sonya yolanda moran


  • jodi tyvaert

    Love elle! By farmy favrite magazine to follow fashion trends. Thanks for doing a great job!!

  • Ashley Andrews

    I got almost every magazine that is elle. I love it. I has so much fashion that I would spend all of my money on it is i had the chance to. :love: :love: :bigthumb: :noes: :kekeke: 😎

  • Gloria Beek

    :uh: I want to enter the $10,000 contest,but it says pg. is unavailable :uh:

  • Gloria Beek

    :io: Is the contest OVER?

  • Angela

    I use to read Elle while in line at the grocery store then I subscribed. I have gotten great tips on fixing this old house up. I have a home that is almost 90yrs old and it’s in a desperate need a serious makeover. I could put a ball on one side of the room and it would roll to the other. Franticly in need of HELP!

  • venessa talamantes

    growing up as a young girl with no guidence elle magazines has always been thier for me through guy advices or even beauty tips but most of all a womensbest friend “fashion” :love: .elle has enspired me and my twin to achieve are dream n modeling weve always been told to short but filled with talent . well we as twins will like to prove everyone wrong. by winning the 10,000 it will help us succeed are dreams. thanks for opening up a new door in life for us :io:


  • Gloria Beek

    :rofl: It say’s contest is over…I have it in writing,it goes ’till Jan.31 2014!!!!

  • I would like to enter for a chance to win, 10,000, and create a walrobe, of my own dream’s. I love, Elle, Decor, Magazine, and I use to receive this magazine, it is filled with precious fashions, and fabulous entertainment’s. I hope I will be able to win the sweepstakes.

  • Yasmin Patterson

    I am a designer,and I would love to create my own line of clothes,which is my dream come true.Please enter me in your contest, thank you. 🙂